Full frame small “7” Sony’s smallest and lightest full frame micro single alpha 7C comes out

On September 15, 2020, Sony Co., Ltd. officially released a number of new products, including the light and compact full frame micro single alpha 7C, as well as the small and portable zoom lens Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 and flash hvl-f28rm. Alpha 7C is a fashionable, compact, lightweight and portable full frame camera with advanced auto focus and 4K * 1 video shooting and other professional performance. When used with the newly developed compact Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 standard zoom lens, it can provide a unique shooting experience, greatly improve the portability and professionalism, and provide excellent full frame image shooting ability. The small and portable hvl-f28rm flash supports the intelligent flash control of flash control and camera face detection * 2, allowing users to freely expand the image expression. Alpha 7C camera and Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 zoom lens adopt a new design, which combines many advanced image technologies of Sony, and forms Sony’s smallest and lightest full frame image shooting system, which opens up new possibilities for creation and makes users easily enjoy full frame image. < / P > < p > alpha 7C can present excellent full frame image quality, with advanced auto focus system and professional video shooting function, and adopts a lightweight and portable design. The camera has about 24.2 million effective pixels, full frame back illuminated Exmor rcmos image sensor and BIONZ X image processor, which can provide high sensitivity, low noise performance, excellent resolution and 15 levels * 3 wide dynamic range. < / P > < p > the fuselage size of alpha 7C is only about 124.0 mm x 71.1 mm x 59.7 mm, and its weight is only about 509 g * 4. Its size and weight are similar to APS-C frame camera * 5, and only 1% heavier than alpha 6600 camera. Alpha 7C achieves a small, lightweight and portable fuselage with upgraded 5-axis anti shake and shutter components and a load-bearing fuselage structure for cars and airplanes. Even in such a small fuselage, alpha 7C still has 5-axis anti shake * 6 function, and it can also take clear and stable images by hand in dark light and other environments. In addition, alpha 7C uses a large capacity np-fz100 battery, which can achieve industry-leading endurance performance * 7. It can take about 740 * 8 photos when using LCD and 680 * 8 photos when using EVF. The new alpha 7C is available in silver and black. < / P > < p > Sony Alpha 7C combines the characteristics of high resolution and low noise, and also has excellent image quality under high sensitivity. It is competent for shooting scenery, portrait, sports and human documentary, and can obtain excellent images no matter taking photos or videos. The standard sensitivity of the camera can reach ISO 51200, and can be extended to ISO 50-204800 * 9. It can also take low noise images in dark environment. In addition, alpha 7C also supports 16 bit in machine processing and 14 bit raw output * 10 to achieve natural color transition. < / P > < p > based on advanced AI Artificial Intelligence technology, the real-time tracking * 11 function of alpha 7C can automatically maintain accurate focus when half pressing the shutter button. In addition, when the af-on button is pressed, the real-time tracking * 11 function can be automatically started. When “touch tracking” is set to “on” through the menu, the shooting object can be locked by touching on the display screen, and can be used for photo and video shooting. Alpha 7C also supports real-time eye focusing of human and animal * 12, which can achieve fast and accurate focusing * 13. When shooting a portrait, when the “face / eye priority in AF” function is turned on and real-time tracking * 11 is used for shooting, the eyes and face of the subject will be detected in real time by a high-precision real-time tracking system and locked in focus. < / P > < p > alpha 7C’s 693 point focal plane phase detection focusing system can cover about 93% of the image area, and has 425 contrast detection focus points, providing a broad, fast and accurate auto focusing performance, which can quickly lock the target without losing focus, and achieve accurate and fast focusing even in complex environment. < / P > < p > with the newly developed shutter assembly and improved image processor, alpha 7C can achieve high-speed continuous shooting up to 10 FPS * 14 in AF / AE tracking mode, which makes it easier to capture moving subjects. In the real-time viewfinder mode, it can shoot continuously at a speed of 8 FPS * 14. In this mode, the display delay of EVF / LCD is smaller, and even the subject in high-speed motion can be shot easily and stably. < / P > < p > alpha 7C can continuously capture up to 223 JPEG images, 115 compressed raw images or 45 uncompressed raw images in a single * 15 shot, and achieve accurate and reliable autofocus in light as low as ev-4 * 16. < / P > < p > alpha 7C can obtain more than two times the amount of data needed for 4K * 1 video by reading all pixels in full frame format and recording without pixel merging, and supersampling can generate high-quality 4K * 1 material with excellent detail and depth. In addition, alpha 7C supports HDR and s-log / s-gamut configuration files, S & Q mode, 120 FPS * 1 high-speed FHD shooting and other professional video functions. < / P > < p > alpha 7C also has real-time eye focusing function for video capture, which supports automatic eye tracking with high precision and high stability, making users more focused on content shooting. Users can also customize 7 AF switching speeds and 5 AF tracking sensitivities according to their own needs. In addition, touch tracking also supports video capture. < / P > < p > alpha 7C has a rollover multi angle LCD screen, which can easily realize self shooting, high and low angle shooting or other viewfinder angle shooting required by users. The video button is located on the top of the camera, which makes it more convenient to record video in self timer mode. In addition, MI hot boots support digital audio interface, which can support ecm-b1m gun microphone or xlr-k3m microphone adapter set connected to the digital signal input terminal, and input the digital audio signal to the fuselage through Mi hot boots, so as to obtain a clearer and purer audio signal. And the same as other Mi hot shoe accessories, no external power supply is needed, which provides more freedom for alpha system video production. The camera also provides headphones and microphone jack to accurately monitor the recorded sound. The metadata attached to the video material taken vertically by the camera can also be vertically played back and edited after being transmitted to the smartphone. < / P > < p > alpha 7C is designed with the professional needs of users in mind. The 3.0-inch LCD touch screen with 921000 dots provides excellent visibility and supports touch operation even in bright outdoor environment. In addition to the XGA OLED tru finder electronic viewfinder with about 2.35 million points, alpha 7C also has high-quality viewfinder mode, which can present more refined and natural details. Alpha 7C simplifies the operation during and after shooting, such as FN button customization. The camera has dust-proof and moisture-proof function * 19, which can meet the needs of users in harsh environment. In order to simplify the workflow requirements, the camera supports Wi Fi wireless transmission function * 20. Users can directly transmit static images and videos to smart phones or tablets for easy sharing, viewing or saving. In addition to the traditional 2.4GHz band, 11ac standard also supports transmission through 5GHz band * 21, so that users can realize stable and high-speed transmission with low interference. Alpha 7C provides a USB type-C interface supporting superspeed USB 5Gbps, which can quickly transfer images when remote shooting on PC. in addition, USB type-C interface supports external mobile power supply. < / P > < p > Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 is a compact and lightweight standard zoom lens with excellent optical performance, which can achieve full frame high-resolution performance in the whole zoom range. The optimized configuration of three aspheric lenses can effectively suppress aberrations and achieve high-resolution performance from center to edge. The minimum focusing distance is about 0.3m to about 0.45M, with close up function, suitable for daily use, as well as video shooting with stabilizer or handle. < / P > < p > Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 weighs about 167g and measures about 66.6mmx45mm. The retractable structure and excellent optical design realize excellent portability and lightweight, so that users can easily shoot. From daily shooting to scenery, portrait and travel, it is an ideal lens to take with you in a variety of environments. When combined with alpha 7C, it can form a lightweight and portable image shooting system to achieve excellent full frame image. Even so light and portable, Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 still has dust and moisture resistance * 19 performance, and can be matched with 40.5mm filter. < / P > < p > Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 supports quiet, fast and accurate auto focusing, and linear motor makes real-time tracking and real-time eye focusing smoother. In addition to the advanced auto focusing performance, Fe 28-60mm f4-5.6 also adopts the internal focusing design, so that the lens length is not affected by the focusing action during close-up shooting, so that users can easily shoot daily and professional videos. < / P > < p > hvl-f28rm is a compact and portable flash, which is used with Sony micro single camera to form a professional portable shooting system with the reliability and stability provided by the original factory. Compared with hvl-f32m, the volume and weight of hvl-f28rm are reduced by about 12% and 7% respectively. Portable, reliable and easy to operate, hvl-f28rm can meet the needs of professional photographers and enthusiasts. < / P > < p > hvl-f28rm can provide gn28 * 22 flash index, has optimized light distribution and continuous flash performance, does not interrupt the user’s workflow, and can realize stable radio communication and multi flash wireless control. The new flash also uses Sony’s new advanced flash control technology, which is linked with camera face detection * 2. When used with a compatible camera, the flash will automatically adjust the accurate white balance according to the balance between the light of the subject’s face and the ambient light, so as to make the subject’s face present natural color. In addition, flash compensation, brightness ratio and other detailed flash parameters can be controlled directly from the compatible camera * 23. Flash supports assigning camera custom key to call up flash parameter display, so as to adjust when using viewfinder to shoot by holding the camera. Flash parameters can be displayed in Chinese. < / P > < p > the flash has a newly developed metal base and strong side frame, and has electronic contacts to better resist the physical impact from all directions. The heat boots are made of MI and have a stronger metal base. Hvl-f28rm has good dust-proof and moisture-proof * 19 performance. Combined with the new silicone protective cover design on the outer ring of the heat boot, MI metal heat boot can improve the durability of dust-proof and moisture-proof when the flash is installed and locked to the micro single camera. Especially when combined with alpha 7S III, alpha 7R IV and alpha 9 II, it can meet the needs of professional photographers even in the harsh outdoor environment. < / P > < p > hvl-f28rm is easy to operate and can be easily controlled, including + / – flash output button, matching button, flash test button and locking lever. The big flash index can be flexibly applied to the reflection shooting, and the flash angle can be set according to the needs through the gears of 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 120 degrees, which is convenient for positioning. The new flash also has a built-in radio transmitter, which enables reliable flash triggering when mounted on a compatible camera * 23 and paired with other flash or Flash receivers. When used as a transmitter, hvl-f28rm can control up to 5 groups * 2415 flash lights or receivers with a maximum distance of about 35m * 25 to achieve excellent flash control and operability. Hvl-f28rm is powered by two AA alkaline or Ni MH batteries. A new pair of alkaline batteries can provide up to 110 * 25 continuous flashes. < / P > < p > Sony full frame