Full screen smart office flagship Huawei matebook x evaluation

Huawei entered the notebook industry only four years ago, and its matebook notebook product line has been very perfect. Huawei has been very eye-catching in the recent two years, especially in the domestic market. According to GfK statistics, Huawei PC’s market share in China’s notebook market has jumped to the second place; according to the report released by chnbrand, Huawei’s Chinese customers in the windows notebook camp are highly recommended. < p > < p > as the masterpiece of Huawei notebook family, matebook x Pro Series has always been the representative of Huawei’s top technology and top quality. On August 19, Huawei added another member to the matebook x family: matebook X. < p > < p > Huawei matebook x Pro once led a wave of full screen notebook trend with its forward-looking ID design. This time Huawei matebook x continues this excellent design, and the 13 inch screen is more compact. In addition, it also breaks the traditional appearance process boundaries, and provides four fashionable color matching styles, such as frost silver, interstellar blue, indigo naturalis and cherry blossom powder. With Huawei’s leading “multi screen collaboration” intelligent interaction, matebook x is committed to becoming a fashionable mobile office flagship. < p > < p > in terms of appearance design, Huawei matebook x still adopts metal minimalism, but it is different from the aluminum alloy used in matebook products in the past. Compared with aluminum alloy, the magnesium alloy is used this time, which has smaller density and lighter weight. The fuselage weight is only 1kg and the thickness is only 13.6mm, which is really a great burden reduction for mobile office. However, in terms of texture, magnesium alloy has less metal coldness than aluminum alloy, and the touch is slightly gentle, which is not as strong as that of aluminum alloy. Thanks to its excellent structural stacking capability, the matebook x, as a 13 inch model, has a smaller fuselage size than ordinary A4 paper, with a circumference of only 284.4 * 206.7 * 13.6mm. < p > < p > this time, matebook X also breaks the boundaries of traditional appearance technology, looking for inspiration from the popular flash powder elements in the fashion industry, and integrates the glitter powder into CMF to make the color more lively and present a brilliant color under the ambient light. Four color colors, including frost silver, indigo, interstellar blue and cherry blossom pink, inject new soul into fashion, so that users can match with each other as they like, and can be fashionable in any scene. < p > < p > matebook x can realize the body size smaller than A4 paper, and the super narrow border screen on B side is indispensable. Different from other notebook products with narrow borders in the industry, Huawei introduced a frameless floating full screen into the notebook for the first time through its top-notch structural design. The whole screen seemed to be suspended on the a-shell, and the proportion of the screen also reached 90%, bringing a more shocking visual experience. < p > < p > 3:2 scale screen is one of the significant features of Huawei matebook family. Huawei matebook x is equipped with a 13 inch display resolution of 3000 * 2000, ppi260, material of LTPS, nominal 100% sRGB color gamut, and contrast up to 1500:1. In addition, the screen supports 10 touch, with ultra-thin Corning gorilla glass, integrated touch scheme and AF fingerprint prevention technology, which realizes smooth and high-precision multi-point touch experience. < / P > < p > we tested this screen through the instrument, and found that the quality of this display screen is still very excellent. In the above gamut view, the red line represents the measured data of Huawei matebook X. It can be seen that the red line has 97% sRGB coverage, 73% Adobe RGB gamut, 74% P3 gamut and 68% NTSC gamut coverage. In terms of color accuracy, the maximum deviation is 6.35, the minimum is 0.23, and the average deviation is only Δ e1.11, which is quite good. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the quality of this screen is still up to the positioning of the flagship machine. The display accuracy of 3K resolution is high enough. High color gamut, high color accuracy and 178 ° wide viewing angle can meet the needs of photographers, designers and other users with high display requirements. < p > < p > Huawei matebook x continues to adopt the highly acclaimed design of fingerprint identification and power key. Pressing the power button and fingerprint information identification can be carried out at the same time. Without inputting password or scanning fingerprint in the login interface, Huawei matebook x can go directly to the windows desktop. Fingerprint unlocking is more convenient, safe and efficient. < p > < p > in terms of keyboard and touchpad, matebook x introduces pressure touchpad for the first time, bringing a new touch experience. The large area touch panel can respond sensitively no matter where you click. The built-in force sensor can detect the pressing pressure and bring real-time feedback through tactile vibration. In particular, Huawei put Huawei’s sharing function under the touch panel this time, instead of using the layout in the lower right corner of the previous C-plane, which not only improves the NFC touch area, but also makes the whole C-plane more concise. < p > < p > in terms of keyboard, matebook x uses full-size backlit keyboard, but the experience is more general. The key path of 1.3mm is relatively short, the springback is soft, and it is easy to get tired after a long time of use. Considering that the fuselage is very thin, this is also expected. < p > < p > in terms of expansion interface, Huawei matebook x is only equipped with two USB type-C interfaces, one on both sides, and another 3.5mm audio interface on the left. In daily use, equipment such as docking station or adapter should be kept on standby. However, the next generation of Huawei’s comray < 14nm processor is based on the Intel < 10nm processor After all, as an ultra lightweight product, more advanced process can theoretically bring better energy efficiency performance. < / P > < p > in this paper, the evaluation model is equipped with core i5-10210u, 4 cores and 8 threads design, 3-level cache 6MB, thermal design power consumption 15W, default frequency 1.6GHz, Rui frequency up to 4.2ghz. < p > < p > in the cinebench R15 test, Huawei matebook X’s test results are: the CPU multi-core score is 543cb, and the single core score is 156cb. It is not excellent in the products with the same type of processor, which is slightly lower than Intel’s ice lake core i5 of 10nm, but its stability performance is still good, and the scores of multiple tests have no obvious fluctuation. < p > < p > in terms of the performance of the whole machine, matebook x scored 3999 in the work accelerate test of pcmark8. As a lightweight product, such performance can meet the needs of daily office, learning and entertainment. < p > < p > in terms of endurance, the matebook X has a built-in lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 42wh, which is acceptable considering the thickness of the fuselage. We use pcmark8 to test the battery life. We start when the battery is 100%. We choose a better battery life. The screen brightness is set to 60%, and WiFi and Bluetooth are on. < / P > < p > in the battery test of work convention, the final test result is 4h45min. At the end of the test, the computer still has 20% power. Therefore, the continuous use time of matebook x under full power condition is about 6 hours, which is a general performance in the current light and thin books. If combined with the energy-saving mode, it can also get a longer service life. < / P > < p > in terms of charging, Huawei matebook x is equipped with dual head USB type-C charger as standard, with a maximum output power of 65W. At the same time, it supports Super Charge super fast charging for compatible Huawei mobile phones. It is enough to bring this charger when traveling on business. < / P > < p > according to the actual charging test, it can be seen that the overall charging process of matebook x is relatively linear. In the first hour, the charging speed is fast, and the machine can be charged from 5% to 71% in 60 minutes, and then it enters the trickle charging process, and it takes 105 minutes to fully charge, which is a very good indication. < p > < p > as an ultra lightweight notebook product, this matebook also has a design worthy of a Book: no fan passive cooling, that is to say, there is no cooling fan inside the fuselage. This also inevitably makes us curious about the energy efficiency of the machine. < / P > < p > so we disassembled the machine. A total of seven screws are required to remove the rear shell of the matebook x, including three exposed screws and four screws hidden under the foot pad. < / P > < p > after opening the rear shell of the matebook x, we can see the internal mechanism, most notably the large area heat sink in the upper part and the battery below. < / P > < p > remove the heat sink and we can see the CPU and other components. The SSD on the left is also wrapped in a copper heat sink, which conducts heat through this large area of heat sink. This heat sink is different from the common VC vacuum cavity liquid cooling soaking plate, but is made of pure copper. The surface is designed with dense depressions, which increases the heat dissipation area. It is tightly fixed by up to 20 screws to make it closely fit with the CPU heat dissipation silicone grease, so as to effectively export heat. < / P > < p > and the heat outlet of the machine is also interesting, hidden in the shaft of the notebook. The general process of heat generation, transfer and export is shown in the figure above. The heat generated by SSD CPU and other components is exported to 3 through heat sink 2, and then cooled by air through 4. What is the efficiency of such a cooling system? From the stability test of aida64, Huawei’s adjustment is very conservative. Two minutes after the stress test, the CPU showed obvious frequency reduction. The power consumption of the CPU was only 7W, which was only half of the standard 15W TDP. This explains that the R15 score in the above performance test is only 500 CB. However, with this mechanism, the average temperature of CPU is only 59 ° and the performance of temperature control is good, and the somatosensory temperature of C plane of fuselage is not uncomfortable. < / P > < p > for an ultra lightweight notebook computer, the matebook x is bound to make a balance between performance, power consumption and endurance. For the sake of the whole machine experience, it is not difficult to understand this mechanism setting. < / P > < p > by the way, the matebook x also supports WiFi 6 wireless network. Through disassembly, it is found that this machine uses Intel ax201 wireless network card, which can bring a higher speed network connection experience to this machine. < / P > < p > in the efficiency oriented modern office, the boundary between work and life is gradually blurred, and users will use a lot of fragmented time to deal with their work. As the two most important tools, mobile phones and computers often need to cooperate with each other. But in the past, due to the system fragmentation, the wireless mode of wired or wechat software is not very efficient. < p > < p > as an innovator in the notebook industry, Huawei continues to strive to improve the full scene interactive experience. Huawei matebook x is based on revolutionary distributed technology and carries a new “multi screen collaboration” function. < / P > < p > after a simple pairing connection between a compatible mobile phone and a computer, the mobile phone interface will be automatically and completely projected onto the laptop screen, and the screen projection window can be closed and minimized, and the application front display can be maintained. < / P > < p > now, the first thing many office workers need to do is log in to the wechat computer client. When a mobile phone calls for a short message, they can use the mouse, touch pad and touch screen of matebook to directly operate the mobile phone to view messages and make calls through the screen projection window. They don’t have to pick up the mobile phone frequently, and they can also use the mobile phone on the phone Experience the brush and circle of voice in tiktok. < / P > < p > there is also a typical application scenario: wechat grabs red packets. We used to log in to the computer version of wechat

Author: zmhuaxia