Fun Games open brain research: we evolve because of love

On August 20, Shengqu game and Zhejiang University announced the establishment of “Zhejiang University legend research center”, focusing on digital medicine, human-computer interaction, digital organs, dream memory and interpretation. In

, the contrast between the bizarre “oasis” of the game world and the real world with deteriorating environment and wide gap between the rich and the poor has produced a strong sense of impact. Once again, people’s worries about games are confirmed: look, games are corrupting the future of mankind.

in fact, people misread the game. It just reflects that people’s pursuit of the fantasy world can be achieved through games, and this process has also promoted the development of Biotechnology – a change that is happening.

the legendary innovation research center, jointly established by Shengqu and Zhejiang University, is a digital medicine developed by combining brain computer system, game module and adaptive algorithm, which can evaluate the degree of various cognitive disorders and intervene in the treatment of a variety of cognitive disorders. This is just the tip of the iceberg for all the research projects of the legendary innovation research center.

compared with most industries that have suffered from the impact of the epidemic, games are one of the few industries that benefit greatly. In the first half of 2020, the game industry ushered in a small spring, both users and revenue broke out.

take March as an example, the global average weekly game downloads increased by 30% compared with Q4 in 2019. Users spent more than $23.4 billion through the app store in the first quarter of 2020, the highest ever. The game has become the comfort of isolated life.

as a game company, Shengqu’s contribution has risen from “bringing people happiness” to “maintaining social stability”, according to Wang Ji, chairman of Shengqu.

this is really no exaggeration. As the largest game company in a shares, Shengqu has more than 100 games and 2.2 billion users, linking the real world and the virtual world.

in addition, Shengqu has taken the lead in completing the comprehensive layout of content creation, hardware facilities and industry standards in the coming cloud game era. Therefore, when people are still discussing how to land cloud games, the cloud game version has been launched in April, becoming the first online game product to test the original cloud game in the industry.

now, Shengqu has set its eyes on the strategic layout ten years later, and will create the next Google level “Shengqu technology” through cutting-edge research such as brain science.

with the dream of brain science, a star in the human body, Shengqu found Zhejiang University as its partner after careful consideration.

the dual brain center of Zhejiang University is one of the first six national frontier science centers approved by the Ministry of education, and has started relevant research since 2009. Among the specialties related to the dual brain center, Zhejiang University has the top 1% pharmacy in ESI and the 24th computer major in the world. Among them, AI is the most advantageous field of computer specialty in Zhejiang University.

the landing of legend innovation center means that Shengqu is no longer a game company in people’s stereotype, but a technology-oriented enterprise. This kind of Shengqu has strategic advantages in content oriented industries.

an interesting coincidence is that twenty years ago, the rise of positive psychology and the popularity of personal computers were almost synchronized. The former has a significant impact on the game industry, which changes the development thinking of game developers from entertainment oriented to happiness oriented. Because game developers have found that if a game wants to be hot and want to make money, then the premise is that it can provide players with satisfaction and positive emotions – that is, happiness.

this has triggered a scientific research trend in the game industry, and neurobiology research on game emotion has broken out in the game industry. For example, Microsoft’s game testing lab is not a game studio at all, but a psychological Institute. Therefore, to find the secret of human happiness has always been the standard of the game industry.

brain science research will crack down on the source of human happiness from the physiological level, so that games can better serve human entertainment needs. Looking for the “source of happiness” of the human brain is not utilitarianism, but the combination of business and scientific research.

in 2019, Michelle Meyer won the Nobel Prize in astronomy for discovering the first exoplanet orbiting a sun like star in 1995. At this time, the “exoplanet” game led by him has been online for two years, and continuous game users are using Michelle’s theory to provide data support for scientists.

the game company designed the rules of the game with the uncomplicated astronomical theory. Players analyzed the existence of exoplanets by judging the changes of light in the game – in other words, the players acted as scientists’ eye recognizers. The player’s game process is to help scientists deal with a large number of simple astronomical data that cannot be analyzed by machines.

this phenomenon of using games for scientific research has gradually become a new trend in the scientific research field. Games no longer simply assume the role of entertainment. In the epidemic period full of crisis, the use of virtual world to solve practical problems is particularly common.

in 2005, an incredible plague broke out in world of Warcraft. The boss hacka of the troll city zuergrab has an infectious benefit reduction spell that can cause damage if a player is too close to an infected character. An infected pet took the plague out of the dungeon through a bug, which eventually infected four million players.

this plague in the virtual world has aroused the attention of the outside world. People have found that computer games can not only provide entertainment, but also become a platform for studying the real world. After all, it is anti-human to spread viruses in the real environment and understand the law of transmission.

in 2015, a new game module “coronavirus” was released in the game developed by the UK development field. This game set off a new upsurge during this year’s epidemic and became a channel for people to learn the principles of virus transmission. Some foreign developers have developed the new epidemic situation into a casual game, which simulates virus transmission through players’ behavior, so as to provide the data to scientists as a reference.

in the cooperation between Shengqu and Zhejiang University, data sharing is also one of the most important ways of cooperation. As we all know, game is a kind of strong interactive medium, which makes the game irreplaceable when it gets spiritual pleasure. So, it also means that the brain activity that can be produced during the game is the most abundant. These user behaviors will become the important data of brain research conducted by Legend innovation center.

as the largest game company in a shares, Shengqu has a 20-year history of game research and development. The long self-study process has accumulated a lot of technology precipitation. Shengqi sent a large number of game technical talents to legend center to provide technical support for the game landing link required by scientific research projects. This also represents that the establishment of the legend center has broken the original mode of production, teaching and research in Colleges and universities, and innovated into the “double research” mode.

the combination of Shengqu and Zhejiang University has broken through people’s previous understanding of game companies, and the value of games in addition to entertainment is recognized by more and more people.

the CEO of deep mind said: alphago makes people’s go ability calibrated. The chairman of Shengqu also said at the meeting: when everything in the physical world can be measured by numbers, people still lack a measure of their inner world until the game is used.

the behavior of users in the game can become an important data source for scientists, because the game is the embodiment of human desire to control and the expectation of human beings to simulate the real world and inner world.

in June this year, suphx, a mahjong AI system developed by Microsoft Asia Research Institute, is the first AI system to be promoted to ten stages on Tianfeng, an internationally renowned professional mahjong platform, creating the best achievements of AI system in Mahjong field. People have finally extended the “man-machine war” from chess to cards.

the significance of using mahjong game for AI algorithm training is that the complex reasoning strategy and stochastic game process in mahjong game are closer to the complex real life of human beings than perfect information game. That is to say, mahjong, an ancient game, is becoming a scale of complex minds in the form of AI. This complex measurement method with human greedy background can help human to deal with more complex practical problems, such as intelligent transportation, financial investment and other scenarios.

compared with artificial intelligence, the combination of games and brain science has broken through people’s imagination of games. Technology companies like Shengqu are turning games, a stereotyped psycho poison, into a cure. Director Wang Yueming, director of legend innovation center, introduced an example of the center’s ongoing combination of games and digital medicine at the press conference.

Shengqu has developed a video game for cognitive impairment diseases, which is integrated with brain technology to assess and intervene the degree of cognitive impairment. Because there are only “yes” and “no” answers in the existing diagnosis of cognitive impairment. Is there a scale for people’s cognition?

Shengqu and the dual brain team of Zhejiang University solved this problem. Shengqu set up a virtual game scene and let patients move in the virtual world in the way of VR. Scientists mark the patient’s brain state through tactile feedback, visual feedback and auditory feedback.

this method of cognitive impairment treatment through games is becoming a common concern of the international medical community. Previously, an American game called “endeavor RX” was approved by the FDA as the first game prescription drug in history to treat ADHD.

at present, the digital medicine of legend innovation center is also in the process of research and development. Experts predict that the landing time may be twice as long as that of peers. This is also enough to prove that the digital medicine research of Shengqu and Zhejiang University is running at the forefront of the world.

and digital medicine, which can alleviate mental disorders such as ADHD and depression, is only one of the key directions of the legend center. In addition, the research also includes virtual reality, augmented reality human-computer interaction, integration of intelligence; digital organs, memory analysis, brain computer fusion search, language decoding; dream memory and analysis, game dream sleep.

if we only look into the future from the perspective of games, the impact of these cutting-edge technologies will exceed people’s imagination. The most common AR and VR technologies only make the virtual world have the same sense of convergence as the real world.

and the CTO of Shengqu game told zinc finance and economics that if we only explore from the direction of human-computer interaction, the scene in implementation will not only stay in fantasy. Nowadays, people are still playing games through mobile phones and computers, and cloud games have not been fully implemented. But in the future, when human-computer interaction reaches a certain height, these will no longer exist. Whether it is hand travel, end travel, cloud travel, will become brain games.

these studies will be applied to real life in various ways

Author: zmhuaxia