Funtouch OS is expected to be the top user of Android UI!

With the rapid development of the smart phone industry, the appearance and characteristics of mobile phones and hardware performance are gradually showing a trend of homogenization, so the major Android manufacturers have turned their heads and put more energy on improving the software ecology and system UI. Recently @ digital chat station revealed that origin OS, a new system of vivo, has complete functions. Compared with the previous system, it has a great improvement, and is expected to take the lead in domestic android customized UI. < / P > < p > as the underlying code of Android system has been all open source, Android mobile phone manufacturers have the opportunity to modify Android native system according to their own product characteristics. After several years of development, the customized UI of mainstream Android mobile phone manufacturers has a very high degree of maturity, and is very mature in basic functions and software ecology. But for some geeks, these are obviously not enough. Manufacturers also want to create more attractive and practical UI systems through their own software strength to increase user loyalty. < / P > < p > at present, all vivo mobile phones use funtouch OS, which is developed based on Android native system. The biggest advantage of this UI system is that it is very simple. Since it was released in 2013, it has been loved by numerous vivo loyal fans. However, in recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and oppo have upgraded their own UI system, which has led to some dimming of funtouch OS. This time, vivo has obviously realized that its own advantages are gradually being swallowed up. Therefore, origin OS will become the new successor of funtouch OS and will be released together with vivo X60. Science Discovery