Galaxy S21 may no longer support microSD card slot

Galaxy S21

Samsung will hold a product launch event next week. The product video can almost confirm the new camera module design. After all, this is one of the biggest features of this phone in appearance.

It has been reported that the Galaxy S21 will not provide a power adapter like the Apple iPhone 12 series. A reporter from TWHosting found that rquandt said on Twitter that the Galaxy S21 may no longer provide a microSD card slot.

Although many mobile phone manufacturers no longer provide microSD card slots, the Samsung Galaxy S series have always been equipped with microSD card slots. For example, the Galaxy S20 provides a SIM+microSD hybrid card slot. Users can choose to install two SIM cards, or One SIM card plus one microSD card.

Nowadays, the capacity and performance of the built-in UFS ROM in mobile phones have been greatly improved, and the reliability is far better than that of SD cards. An approach such as a hybrid card slot should also be a “transition period” provided by Samsung to users.