Galaxy Z flip 5g experience: the most powerful folding screen phone

In fact, prior to the release of galaxy note20 and Galaxy Z fold 2, Samsung had put the 5g version of Galaxy Z flip on the shelves in advance. Although it was much lower profile than when it appeared as “Samsung’s first vertical fold mobile phone” at the beginning of the year, with the two upgraded auras of “5g” and “snapdragon 865 plus”, 5g Galaxy Z flip can still attract many people’s attention. < / P > < p > some time ago, I briefly experienced the 5g version of Galaxy Z flip. For me, this mobile phone is almost the same as 4G in terms of pictures, which is also my psychological expectation before I experience this mobile phone. < / P > < p > however, in fact, the upgrades of the new Z flip are all in the “invisible, tangible” details. These details may not persuade you to change the influence of folding screen mobile phones, but at least it can show that Samsung folding screen mobile phones are indeed growing step by step. However, the reason why the glass back cover can be used as an objective fingerprint collector is that the glass can not be regarded as an objective fingerprint collector. < / P > < p > therefore, I like the frosted glass replaced by the new Galaxy Z flip, especially the black cold mountain grey, which is much more upscale than before. < / P > < p > for some reason, gold or its close to warm color colors have become popular in the mobile phone industry recently. For example, the morning gold of Huawei P40, the tea orange of oppo find x2 pro, vivo X50 PRO +, Samsung Galaxy note20, Galaxy Z fold 2, all of which have champagne gold or other gold elements. However, strictly speaking, the misty gold of Galaxy Z flip, note20 and Z fold 2 released in batches this time is not “gold” in literal sense. It is more profound than gold, such as playing Gauss fuzzy copper wire. I think it is more appropriate to use “copper color” to describe it. < / P > < p > the other thing that I have noticed is the hinge. In essence, the hinge structure of the 5g version of Galaxy Z flip is the same as that of 4G version. Samsung has not publicized the improvement of 5g hinge, but 5g version is much more flexible than 4G version. < / P > < p > when the mobile phone closes the cover, it doesn’t appear a very crisp “snap”, but it closes with a gentle “click”. Moreover, when closing the cover, you can feel that the hinge damping is stronger than before, and the closing action is more elegant. I think similar technologies may also be used in Galaxy Z fold 2. < / P > < p > in addition, according to personal observation, the metal middle frame of the 5g version of Galaxy Z flip seems to be larger than that of the 4G version. Therefore, the black plastic frame inside the 5g version is narrower than that of the 4G version, and the handle of the 5g version is smoother than that of the 4G version. The 4G version will be a bit stiff in the edge feel transition after the deployment, but on the 5g version, the feel will be much more natural. < / P > < p > Screen creases have always been a big problem for folding screen mobile phones. Even though Samsung has released six folding screen mobile phones so far, it still fails to cure the eye-catching creases. However, the crease is not the biggest hard injury of folding screen today. After all, it will not directly affect the normal use. Whether the folding screen is durable or not and whether it is worse than the ordinary screen is what we are most concerned about. The surface layer of the 5g Galaxy Z flip screen is still UTG glass, but it is not so much glass as a soft film. However, although the film itself is to prevent the folding screen from scratch, the film itself is not high in strength. I have used it for three days under normal conditions, and the film has already had slight scratches. < / P > < p > when the soft film is rubbed by the sand and dust in the air, it is inevitable that there will be scratches. We can not require high-strength scratch resistant materials on the flexible panel of folding screen. < / P > < p > after all, high strength means harder material, and hardness is contrary to the flexibility of folding screen, so I think it is normal to have scratches on the flexible film at present. < / P > < p > but I think Samsung might as well consider a solution similar to the replaceable film. After all, although the scratch does not affect the use, it will also have a certain impact on the beauty of the screen. No one wants a mobile phone with a price of more than 10000 yuan to have long and short scratches on the unfolded screen. < / P > < p > like the appearance, the obvious upgrade is the internal snapdragon 865 plus. In fact, I was very surprised when I learned that the new Z flip used the snapdragon 865 plus. At that time, the snapdragon 865 plus only appeared in ASUS Rog, black shark and Lenovo Savior. These are muscle phones that emphasize performance, and it is reasonable to use the latest and strongest SOC. However, Z flip still has its own advantages Obviously, it is not the same product as the game phone, so I just expected that the new Z flip will only use the snapdragon 865 with higher production capacity at present, instead of the snapdragon 865 plus. < / P > < p > the new Z flip can use 865 plus. I think it should also be related to the better OEM cooperation background of Samsung and Qualcomm. Under this background, Samsung can also win the first prize of the flagship of snapdragon 865 plus in the second half of the new products. < p > < p > the snapdragon 865 plus can be said to be an upgrade point that makes people pay attention to the new Z flip again, but it has no obvious substantive change on the daily experience of mobile phones. Besides, the foundation of snapdragon 855 plus is not bad before, there are not many places that can make Z flip use of high-frequency performance, so whether it is 855 plus or 865 Plus, under the same system, their fluency and reaction are almost the same. < / P > < p > compared with the performance improvement of SOC, the core significance of the new Galaxy Z flip upgrade is mainly to support 5g. I even thought that Samsung was “upgrading 5g while upgrading SOC”. The reason for this view is that Z flip is not the only vertical folding screen mobile phone. Other Motorola’s new Razr is also eager to try 5g. Using 5g in Z flip can not only enhance the popularity of folding screen mobile phones, but also help Samsung consolidate its position in vertical folding phones, which will not be surpassed by other manufacturers. < p > < p > therefore, Samsung uses 5g network configuration for Galaxy Z flip. I think there are not only product factors, but also certain market factors. < / P > < p > however, although the mobile phone uses the snapdragon 865 plus and the network support has reached 5g band, the memory, storage space and battery capacity of the mobile phone have not changed compared with 4G version. It is still the standard configuration of 8GB and 256gb, and the battery capacity is 3300mah. The reason for the unchanged configuration of Z flip is estimated to be related to the internal space of Z flip. As a small change, 5g version does not need to design the fuselage from the new mold in order to accommodate higher configuration. Therefore, 5g version only upgrades the key SOC, and the rest and 4G versions remain unchanged, which is the maximum upgrade with the minimum impact. However, since 5g support is increased without increasing the battery capacity, the total net standby time of 5g Z flip is also reduced to 321 hours, which is much shorter than 418 hours of 4G version. In actual use, 4G version achieved the result of nearly 6 hours of bright screen in the previous evaluation. Although I had no time to test the endurance of 5g version, due to the similar other key configurations of the new model and the old one, I infer from experience that the bright screen time of 5g version will be about 4.5-5 hours, which is about the same as that of the galaxy S20 with high refresh rate of 120Hz. < p > < p > the 5g version of Galaxy Z flip is the same as 4G version in terms of system. However, since vertical folding mobile phones have been available for half a year, the one UI has gradually added some “sweet spot” functions that can reflect the advantages of folding screen or make better use of the folding screen feature. < / P > < p > in the previous Galaxy Z flip, users were able to turn the phone into a tripod by folding the phone, and then use gestures to control the camera to take photos. Now, double clicking on the camera’s viewfinder will turn the viewfinder into a half screen and switch between the upper and lower screens. < / P > < p > this function is a little like the flip screen in a camera. After placing the viewfinder in the lower half, I can easily capture the picture in front of me at a lower angle, instead of bending down to watch the screen or taking blind pictures. < / P > < p > and the most useful place to reflect this function is when I cooperate with the super wide angle camera to shoot from the top. As a photographer, I can take pictures without squatting on the ground, and even can create more shooting angles through super wide angle and folding screen. < / P > < p > it’s worth mentioning that Samsung mentioned the convenience of Galaxy Z flip folding self portrait more than once in the previous publicity. During this experience, I accidentally opened the beauty camera App B612 and found the app The folding screen has been adapted for photographing. Now, the third-party software can also call the “folding screen viewfinder auto move up” feature of the original camera, and the third-party software can also use the makeup box shape of Z flip to self shoot. < / P > < p > the configuration and form of smart phones have undergone tremendous changes. Not only has the screen frame become narrower and narrower, the camera lens is more and more, and the number of photo pixels exceeds 100 million, the mobile phone has also changed from a straight to a “make-up box”. However, even though we all know that the parameters are becoming larger and larger, we don’t really understand the impact of these changes on our daily experience. Even if it’s a folding screen, most people only know that it can be folded, but they don’t understand the impact and significance of folding on daily experience. < p > < p > therefore, it has become the current way for mobile phone manufacturers to guide users to contact new technologies by driving users to understand the benefits of hardware through commonly used software or functions. For example, the viewfinder switch of Z flip and the support for third-party self timer apps are an entry to guide users to know the benefits of folding screen and change the impression of ordinary people on folding screen mobile phones. < p > < p > Samsung’s price for 5g version of Galaxy Z flip is 12499 yuan, which is more expensive than 11999 yuan for 4G version. However, from the changes of processor, network support and fuselage, it is worth the difference of 500 yuan for upgrading. Moreover, these are all once and for all upgrades. Of course, better configuration is more favorable for long-term use. < / P > < p > of course, the 5g version of the role is essentially a supplement to the Z flip product, not a replacement. In order to maintain the synchronous sales of 4G and 5g, Samsung still uses Pandora purple and Thom Browne customized version as the exclusive color of 4G version. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer