Game phones have made fashion bloggers calm down? How strong is a mobile phone with “silver” heat dissipation

Hello, everyone. I’m a yin. As a travel fashion blogger, I’m critical of the beauty requirements of all kinds of things around me. Whether it is clothing, home decoration or the size of their own electrical appliances, it is beauty + quality double full score can, this time get red devil 5S game mobile phone, really let me amazing. As the benchmark flagship product series of game phones, Nubia Red Devils should not be bold in innovation and design. First of all, the packaging of electronic products is very simple, highlighting the sense of technology and high-level. However, the red magic 5S does not go the ordinary way. It uses vivid and vivid cartoons as the packaging map. I thought it was a joint brand just after I got it It was a surprise. < / P > < p > let’s talk about the appearance of the mobile phone. The 144hz super competitive screen + ice wind silver wing color matching, red devil 5S ice wind silver wing version has a good-looking metal like texture and extremely comfortable fit. The matte metal with polished frame is also very advanced. Both the appearance and the practical feeling bring the extreme cool and cool experience to the hot summer. < / P > < p > there are three cooling holes distributed on both sides and the bottom border of the mobile phone, which can be called the strongest on the ground. When you work, you can feel the fan cooling at high speed. After a game of about half an hour, the mobile phone will not feel hot at all. The temperature is roughly close to my body temperature. Even in the outdoor in summer, there is not much obvious heat feeling. The most intimate thing is that the noise of the cooling hole is very small, similar to the level of whispering by people, and the game will not be disturbed at all. < / P > < p > in the rear part, the red magic 5S is equipped with a three camera module led by Sony 6400w imx686. It is placed in the upper middle part of the back and integrated into the dark bar area on the back of the mobile phone, which not only prevents the stiff feeling of unscientific consolidation of multiple cameras, but also gives strong recognition. < / P > < p > compared with most mobile phone brand logos on the market, the design of red magic is really eye-catching! The cool style of the word “redmagic” is inlaid on the silver white precious metal name plate, combined with the metal like texture of the mobile phone glass, which makes the appearance of the whole mobile phone more cool and cool, and completely gets rid of the invariable aesthetic concept of “E-sports macho” in game phones. < / P > < p > as a game phone, whether the cooling function is powerful is really important. There are obvious defects in the traditional cooling methods of mobile phones. No matter graphene material, heat sink tube or soaking plate, they only have the effect of “heat transfer” in the interior of the mobile phone. The more such materials are stacked inside the mobile phone, the hotter the phone will be. < / P > < p > as the upgrade version of the red magic 5g, the red magic 5S has the biggest change in heat dissipation, and it is also the boldest in the industry. Red magic 5S is equipped with the newly upgraded ice4.0 multidimensional three-dimensional cooling system, which is the only air-cooled + liquid-cooled active cooling system in the industry. < / P > < p > in addition, nano Ag glass technology is used on the back of the red magic 5S fuselage, which skillfully achieves the combination of metal luster and delicate frosted handle. In addition, the space-class nano thermal conductive material back shell perfectly combines with the optimal thermal conductivity of ice AG, which can ensure the feel of the game while further removing the waste heat, and can continuously output high-frequency and high-performance in the operation. < / P > < p > if you think this kind of heat dissipation is not strong enough, red magic 5S can also be used with ice wind heat dissipation magic box to achieve perfect heat dissipation. According to official data, this ice4.0 cooling system with ice wind cooling magic box can improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the whole device by 56%, and the ice wind cooling magic box is suitable for 3.5mm headphone jack + 30wpd flash charging, which is hardly friendly to us who love playing games with mobile phones. < / P > < p > when used indoors, you need to connect the adapter cable and power supply. When you use it outdoors, you can plug in the power bank, which is very convenient. After the mobile phone is connected with the magic box, the relevant information and settings can be set in the mobile phone mode, and the operation is very intelligent. < / P > < p > let’s talk about my actual experience in the game. Because I want to feel the performance of this mobile phone, I set the settings to the highest level in all games, and I haven’t encountered a stuck situation. Both of them gave me a fairly smooth game experience. < / P > < p > the Red Devils 5S is also equipped with a linear motor. It has a very good feedback experience whether it is the vibration of shooting in the game or the nitrogen injection of the racing car. The 144hz screen and touch shoulder button are the standard configuration of the Red Devils family. If you switch from ordinary mobile phones to game phones like me, these hardware will improve your game experience and even your daily use Obviously perceptive. < / P > < p > in addition, the red magic OS 3.5 specially made by Nubia is also equipped with the red magic OS 3.5 specially made by Nubia. When you light up the screen, you can see the red and black iron and blood game style, and let you enter the state of preparing for battle in one second. < / P > < p > red magic OS 3.5 is not only visual effects, but also more hard core things, such as game enhancement algorithm, game space, red magic moment, one click Move 2.0, multi task suspension in game window, etc., which can double the game experience. < / P > < p > among them, the most commonly used is the game space. It can let you call out of the control center in one second during the game. Without interrupting the game, it can turn on the fan cooling, 144hz high refresh rate, and star assist. With the help of this kind of “physical plug-in”, as long as it is not too delicious, “eat chicken” should be stable! < / P > < p > these auxiliary blessings are very obvious for the improvement of the game experience. Even my hand injury level can experience a “super God” feel ~ < / P > < p > the clarity of the game picture is also a point I value in practice. After the image quality is enhanced, it will be more clear, three-dimensional, and have a sense of substitution. I can feel that it is not achieved by a very rigid sharpening, and the experience is full Points. < / P > < p > finally, let’s talk about the photo taking function. The main rear camera of the red devil 5S is 64 million pixels, and the remaining 8 million pixels are super wide angle and 2 million pixel macro. These three cameras have reached the professional level, and also support 10x zoom, which is very rare for game phones. For example, when I don’t want to carry a heavy camera, the red devil 5S in my pocket can hold the demand of daily photography. < / P > < p > for me, the red devil 5S is very impressive in terms of color matching and design. Moreover, the exploration and in-depth exploration in the field of game phones has brought players a more extreme game experience, especially the heat dissipation and control. I really get to the point of mobile game enthusiasts. Generally speaking, it is very worthwhile to start. New product launch