gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will offer three highlight color versions: ice white, black and deep blue. In addition, there will be two matte color versions.

in the second half of the year, Huawei will launch the P40 PRO + smartphone for non UHD cameras. Except for the camera on the back, others are the same as P40 pro. Like Samsung S10 + last year, Huawei P40 PRO + has a scratch resistant ceramic back plate. Huawei has added a second telephoto lens to P40 PRO +, which can install two fixed focus lenses, one with 3 times optical magnification, one with periscope lens lens and 10 times optical zoom. Huawei calls it a double telephoto unit.

Huawei has always attached great importance to the fashionable shell of its P series, and the design of P40 Pro is also excellent. On the back, the camera hump has undoubtedly grown into a real feature.

the entire layout of the phone is perfect for use as a camera. All buttons are on the right, so they are at the top when taking pictures or taking video. Huawei says all of this has been carefully designed to keep the phone safe and easy to grasp at all times. Especially when you hold it in your hand as you did when you took a picture.

in fact, Huawei P40 Pro can be held in your hand beautifully and easily. It feels good. In addition, they are not covered by fingerprints like black models.

curved overflow display is unusual, in which not only the display edges on both sides are circular, but also the top and bottom edges are circular. Slide smoothly from the curved edge at the top of the display. It feels great.

the new display design for smartphones now includes new perforations for integrated selfie lenses. Huawei’s P40 Pro is equipped with a pill like incision this year. It not only contains two front cameras, but also an infrared sensor, which supports 2D face unlocking in weak light conditions.

but the upper and lower edges of Huawei P40 Pro display are obvious. So far, these tablets have been flat on all smartphones, whether the edges are curved or not. Huawei P40 Pro has a small radius and bends towards the frame of the shell.

technically speaking, Huawei uses a 6.58 inch AMOLED screen in P40 pro with a resolution of 2640 x 1200 pixels. The screen can also output refresh rates of 60 and 90 Hz. The display proved to be a very beautiful, bright and true color display. But you have to get used to bending the four luminous edges on the display.

the fingerprint sensor on Huawei P40 Pro moved abnormally to the center of the display screen. Xiaobian was not optimistic at first. But in fact, the choice of location is very good.

in addition, it also has 8GB ram and 256gb internal storage, and supports expansion. Combined with powerful hardware, Huawei P40 Pro should be ready for all the daily work of smart phones.

Huawei’s mobile phone lens pursues one goal: to provide first-class quality for all. Huawei has further promoted the camera setting of P40 pro, which is called ultravision Quad camera. It consists of the following components:

main camera with 50 megapixel image sensor, f / 1.9, optical image stabilizer with 40 million pixel sensor, f / 1.8, super wide angle camera periscope telephoto lens of optical image stabilizer, with 12 million pixel image sensor, 5 times optical zoom, F/ 3.4, the optical image stabilizer is used for TOF lens of 3D depth time. All three image sensors of Huawei do not use RGB mask, but use ryyb mask internally. By replacing green pixels with yellow pixels, better photosensitivity can be obtained.

interestingly, Huawei has optical image stabilizers in all three lenses. These can not only take photos, but also take videos. Especially in the field of video, Huawei hopes P40 Pro has higher quality than P30 pro, which is cut for photography.

Huawei’s battery capacity is 4200 MAH. If the battery runs out, you can either use Huawei’s 40W supercharge power supply to charge via the data cable or charge the P40 Pro wirelessly via 27W. Huawei P40 Pro can also be powered by reverse wireless charging.

if you let the system control the resolution and refresh rate, the P40 Pro can last for a full 12 hours and 10 minutes in a single charge. But Xiaobian also wants to know how long Huawei P40 Pro can be used if the display screen is operated with the lowest resolution and the lowest refresh rate. Huawei P40 Pro is incredibly long for 16 hours and 5 minutes.

in our daily life, Huawei P40 Pro can easily meet your daily needs. At the end of the day, small cell phones usually have between 25% and 30% of their battery capacity.

when charging, Huawei P40 Pro shows its fast side. With Huawei 40W supercharge power supply, 80% of the battery capacity can be restored in 30 minutes.

Huawei has achieved the ultimate in mobile phones, and the overall design and performance have reached the extreme in the market. All the best parts owned by Huawei are assembled on a mobile phone, or it can be developed from scratch. It is recommended by Xiaobian.