gather and watch! Preliminary evaluation of Huawei matepad Pro: Huawei almost succeeded in challenging iPad Pro

As the screen of the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, sometimes it is almost catching up with the tablet computer. At this time, the status of the tablet computer is a little awkward, but do we still need to use the tablet computer?

the answer is yes, but it will be less and less. This year’s market situation is not good. In the first quarter of this year, the sales of mobile phones dropped by 11.7%. Seeing these, we can imagine that there are sales of tablet computers in the same period. The sales volume of tablet computers this year is only 24.6 million.

in fact, the tablet market has been in crisis for many years, because the two in one computer was born, that is, the two in one of tablet computers and notebook computers. As a result, a large number of customers have turned to this area, and the main role of tablet computers is now reserved for children.

today, Apple has taken the lead, while other companies are competing for the Android Market. Huawei, a technology giant, is also rising in the tablet industry.

and almost successfully, they produced a powerful and well-designed tablet computer, Huawei’s matepad Pro 5g, but it’s still not up to the dazzling level of the best iPad.

Huawei matepad Pro 5g is a low-cost tablet computer with top-level hardware configuration, with excellent physical keyboard and stylus, which can broaden the way for tablet computers. Of course, the most important thing is that it’s much cheaper than the iPad pro.

this is a large 10.8-inch tablet with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. The aspect ratio is almost ideal at 16:10. The screen seems to be the best advantage Huawei has so far launched on tablets. Like every Huawei phone, the tablet has a powerful battery that can be fully charged in more than two hours. It has four stereo speakers. It can help you to get deeper into it.

when it comes to film and television enjoyment, in a week of using a tablet computer, I have used at most one app, Youku. Because Xiaobian recently fell in love with a TV play called Xiaobian, when watching this TV series, the voice is very good, it has a three-dimensional feeling, and the color of the display screen is also very good.

the corresponding physical keyboard of this computer is also very good, and typing is very convenient. It contains two slots for placing the digital board, and the other side of the magnet and keyboard fix it relatively firmly in the bracket. Of course, as with the 2-1 articulated device, it lacks more options for lowering and increasing screen brightness.

Xiaobian has always believed that tablet computers have great disadvantages in inputting text, but this is not a problem for cute keyboards like this. Xiaobian likes to use tablet computers with physical keyboards.

it’s also interesting to use Huawei’s m-pen. It took a while for Xiaobian to figure out how to connect the pen to the digital board. First, you need to refill the refill in a very cool way – enough to put the pen on the tablet when you place it. After a moment, you will pop up a window to connect.

the zoom lens on this tablet computer is not very successful, but the camera can be used in low demand occasions, and self photography is located in a high light area. Photography may be the last thing you need to do with your tablet, but don’t expect the clarity of a top mobile phone.

in the end, Xiaobian is still very good at this Huawei matepad pro. Its appearance and performance are at the top of the market. They are comparable to Apple’s iPad, and the price is cheaper than it. This is worthy of recommendation.

Author: zmhuaxia