Geomagnetic anomaly! NASA found a strange dent in the magnetic field that would not be able to withstand space radiation

The earth can form a livable environment, one of the invisible factors has been ignored by many people, that is, the earth’s magnetic field. Generally speaking, magnetic field can weaken cosmic radiation and create a good natural environment. Planets without magnetic fields, such as the moon, often have no atmosphere, because the magnetic field prevents the atmosphere from escaping. According to the report, NASA released a research report that their researchers found a strange “dent” in the earth’s magnetic field. < / P > < p > this dent is dynamic and is currently moving from the South Atlantic to South America. In this regard, many scientists call for the establishment of a long-term observation system of the earth’s magnetic field, so as to reduce the loss of life and property caused by the lack of the earth’s magnetic field. So how did this magnetic dent appear in the Atlantic Ocean? If it continues to spread, what will happen? < / P > < p > everything in the world has a good side and a bad side, so does the celestial bodies in the universe. As the only star in the solar system, the sun continuously burns itself to illuminate other planets, and also continuously releases high-energy particle radiation to impact the surrounding stars. If a planet does not have a complete magnetic field, it will be damaged by solar radiation. Therefore, the most important role of the earth’s magnetic field is to reduce the radiation of solar radiation on the earth’s surface. According to the long-term research findings of scientists, the earth’s magnetic field can be divided into basic magnetic field and variable magnetic field. It belongs to the static magnetic field, originated from the earth’s interior, plays a leading role in the geomagnetic field, and can be used by human beings for navigation, communication and other activities. The variable magnetic field is the general term of all short-term variation magnetic field, which originates from various factors outside the earth, such as solar radiation, planetary gravitational interference and so on. The existence of geomagnetic field has been discovered for a long time, and its characteristics have been used to improve social production efficiency and communication efficiency. For example, human beings can judge the distribution of mineral resources on the surface according to the distribution of geomagnetic field, or use the distribution of geomagnetic field to transmit radio waves and so on. Under the protection of the geomagnetic field, the radiation of high-energy particles released by the sun will be absorbed by the earth’s poles, and the aurora phenomenon will appear in the polar regions, while the degree of radiation in other regions will be greatly reduced. < / P > < p > according to the researchers, at first, they found that there was an obvious increase of radiation particles in the area above the South Atlantic Ocean, so they monitored the earth’s magnetic field and found that there was an obvious dent in the distribution of the geomagnetic field there. Later, it was found that the dent was caused by the deformation of Van Allen radiation band. The Van Allen radiation belt is a band of high-energy particles distributed around the earth. Its function is to absorb charged particles from the sun and other places towards the earth. < p > < p > because of the deformation of the Van Allen radiation belt, the magnetic field of the earth in this area is obviously weaker than the surrounding magnetic field, which is the reason for the dent. So what causes the deformation of Van Allen radiation band? The researchers speculate that the solar activity may be caused by a short-term strong momentum, but this has not been confirmed. < / P > < p > when researchers first found the earth’s magnetic field dent in the South Atlantic Ocean, they were worried that the satellites over the region would be exposed to the high radiation environment of the universe, and now the dent is moving southwest. If the dent in the earth’s magnetic field continues to expand, more satellites will be exposed to radiation hazards. Fortunately, the dent is not moving fast at present, and NASA has set up a research team to track it continuously. The appearance of the geomagnetic dent seems to remind human beings that they should pay attention to not only the ecological environment of the earth’s surface, but also the situation outside the earth. Only when the internal and external environment of the earth is stable can life on earth be stable. So it should not be hard to understand why scientists have suggested establishing a monitoring mechanism for the earth’s magnetic field. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo