GitHub Annual Report: China will become the largest source of developers in 10 years

GitHub released its annual developer report. The report shows that there are currently 56 million developers on the GitHub platform. The number of people added this year is about 10 million. It is expected that this number will double in the next 5 years, and it may exceed 100 million in 2025. .

In terms of geographic distribution, North America is still the largest source of contribution, accounting for 34%, followed by Asia, accounting for 30.7%, and also the region with the largest growth rate, reaching 1.1%.


  The United States accounts for 22.7% of the world’s largest developer source, but this is down from 30.4% in 2015. China, which accounts for 9.76%, and India, which accounts for 5.2%, are catching up quickly. GitHub expects the situation to be in 2030. Reversed, China became the world’s largest source of developers.

The regions with the highest increase in the number of GitHub contributors in the past year were Nigeria, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia, accounting for 65.8%, 64.5% and 60.1% respectively.

In terms of the popularity of development languages, JavaScript is still the most popular development language; Python, which surpassed Java to become the second place last year, also maintained this ranking this year; TypeScript quickly rose to 3 places this year, becoming the more popular No. Four.