Give agriculture wings of science and Technology (people’s review)

The people are the foundation of the country and the valley is the life of the people. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the central rural work conference, “we must firmly grasp the initiative of grain security, pay close attention to grain production every year”, “we must persist in agricultural science and technology to stand on our own strength and speed up the key technology of agriculture.” This important instruction once again shows that the string of food security cannot be relaxed at any time. To ensure food security, we must implement the strategy of storing grain in the land and technology, and continuously improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture.

From the Central Plains granary to the northeast black land, and then to the Jiangnan land of fish and rice, new agricultural machinery and new technology take root in the fields. Profound changes have taken place in the fields of hope: from “people carrying cattle” to “machine farming”, from “relying on experience” to “relying on data”, and from “sweat agriculture” to “wisdom agriculture”. All localities should strengthen the integration of agriculture and science and technology, promote the contribution rate of China’s agricultural science and technology progress to more than 60%, let farmers use the “golden shoulder pole” to grow land, and strive to achieve the goal of increasing agricultural production and efficiency without increasing water, zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and green technology dyeing green fields, so as to promote more farmers to catch the technological express train of increasing income and becoming rich.

Facts have proved that the bumper harvest of grain comes not only from the natural gift of good weather, but also from the improvement of comprehensive grain production capacity supported by agricultural science and technology. In 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia, epidemic, and flood control customs, such as “flood prevention and shutdown”, “typhoon pass”, “disease and insect pest”, and so on, were handed out. With a total grain output of 1339 billion jin, it has enjoyed 17 consecutive harvests, and it depends on the protection of agricultural science and technology to fight against disasters. However, it should also be noted that with the upgrading of consumption structure, the rising cost of agricultural production and the tightening of resource and environmental carrying capacity, only by improving the efficiency of resource utilization through science and technology, and promoting agriculture from increasing production to improving quality, can we continue to stabilize the country’s “grain bag” and drum up the “money bag” of farmers.

Seed is the “chip” of agriculture. The central economic work conference pointed out that it is necessary to carry out the “neck sticking” technology research. At present, more than 95% of the sown area of our country’s self selected varieties, and the contribution rate of improved varieties to grain yield has exceeded 45%, which provides a key support for the successive bumper harvest of grain and the stable yield and supply of important agricultural products. However, there is still a gap between the level of independent innovation of seed industry in China and that of developed countries. Some varieties, fields and links will affect the speed, quality and efficiency of agricultural development. This requires us to strengthen the protection and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources, accelerate the key core technology research, narrow the gap between corn, soybean, pig, cow and other varieties and the international advanced level, and ensure the independent and controllable provenance of important agricultural products. At the same time, we should open up the links of seed production, processing, sales and technical services, gradually improve the innovation chain of deep integration of production, teaching, research and application, accelerate the promotion of seed industry industrialization level, and let good seeds grow into Farmers’ hope of becoming rich.

The key to implement “storing grain in technology” lies in people, and the key lies in strengthening the innovation of agricultural science and technology. It is estimated that under the same production conditions and the same input, only by improving the rate of agricultural technology to households, the grain yield per unit area can be increased by more than 10%. On the one hand, it is necessary to move laboratories to the ground and write papers in the fields through agricultural technology promotion and technical training, so as to speed up the transformation and application of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, promote new varieties and new agronomy to take root in the ground, and enable farmers to learn, use and really work, so as to open up the “last mile” of scientific and technological innovation. On the other hand, new business entities such as cooperatives and family farms are increasingly becoming the “main force” of agricultural production. It is necessary to lead and drive more small farmers to shoulder the “golden burden” and improve agricultural innovation, competitiveness and total factor productivity. Further gather the joint force of modern resource elements, twist talents, capital, technology into a rope, let the new farmers drive to form more “science and technology community”, and inject new vitality into agricultural development.

2021 is a year of special importance in the process of China’s modernization. The 14th five year plan starts a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. It is of great significance to pay close attention to grain production and stabilize the basic situation of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. To put the wings of science and technology on agriculture, to fight a good turnaround of seed industry, and to strengthen the innovation of agricultural science and technology will surely make agriculture a promising industry, make farmers an attractive occupation, and make rural areas a beautiful home to live and work in peace and contentment.

People’s daily (07 edition, January 29, 2021)

(editor in chief: Zhao Zhuqing, LV Qian)