Give up the power bank, 120W ultra fast flash charging technology becomes the best answer for mobile phone service life

I believe that many small partners for the coming National Day holiday has begun to prepare for it! But from the daily necessities on the way, to the power bank, laptop, and so on, these travel must-have lists seem to block our enthusiasm – so much luggage seems to be “escaping”, and the data lines of a variety of digital products are also “intricate” occupying space, adding to the worries of the travelers. #Iqoo 5 # < / P > < p > recently, iqoo official micro released a group of posters. It is the 120W ultra fast flash charger that iqoo first launched and mass produced on iqoo 5 pro. The Qoo 5 Pro can be fully charged in only 15 minutes and can be used for fast charging of products supporting PD charging protocol. This is just to reduce the burden of luggage! It sounds tempting. < / P > < p > when the power of mobile phone rings the alarm, many small partners will still choose to use the power bank to “extend the life” of the mobile phone. But iqoo first unlocks the 100W charging speed, that is, 120W ultra fast flash charging technology. This technology can completely replace the existence of the power bank – we can complete the whole charging process, that is, full charge when we eat and have a cup of tea on the way. Of course, such a fast charging speed is also applicable to students living in dormitories. < / P > < p > in terms of safety, there are two independent temperature control induction chips inside the charger. If the temperature is too high, adjust the voltage flow to ensure that the temperature is in a reasonable range during the charging process. Moreover, iqoo’s 120W ultra fast flash charging technology has also passed the German Rhine TV safety fast charging system certification. After 41 tests in 9 categories, it can also make users feel at ease when charging. < / P > < p > at the press conference, iqoo officially announced to be the world’s top partner of BMW M motorsport, and launched iqoo 5 Pro track version and legendary version, integrating top-level technology into the low-key appearance of iqoo 5 pro. These two versions are external rational, strong and hard core. < / P > < p > inspired by the carbon fiber texture of racing car hood, it is combined with Kevlar texture and matte polished glass battery cover technology, which brings a high-level sense of vision and touch. In addition, iqoo 5 Pro race track version of the back cover of both sides of the edge of the blue light design, as if the lights turned on the pouring out of the streamer, more powerful. < / P > < p > iqoo 5 Pro legendary version selects plain leather material to show its style. It uses three color bands designed by red, black and blue to run through the white back of the legendary version. The black belt forms a contrast effect with the logo of iqoo, and integrates with the camera module on the back of iqoo 5 pro, which brings more legendary quality of racing effect. < / P > < p > I think my friends can’t wait to start iqoo 5 Pro! The machine will be on sale at 10:00 on September 10. In addition, there are 24 installment interest free, Netease Bluetooth headset, half year broken screen protection and half year extended insurance and so on! Interested friends may as well go to the official website to learn more! Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo