Global focus: a new breakthrough in quantum computing in China!

On December 4, international academic journals published the latest achievements of China’s quantum computing prototype. Reviewers commented that this was “a most advanced experiment” and “a major achievement”. Pan Jianwei, Lu Chaoyang and other scholars from the University of science and technology of China have successfully constructed a 76 photon quantum computing prototype “nine chapters”. It takes only 200 seconds to solve the mathematical algorithm of Gaussian boson sampling, while the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fuyue from Japan, takes 600 million years. < / P > < p > the experimental results show that the speed of “Jiuzhang” in dealing with specific problems is 100 trillion times faster than Fuyue; in equivalent terms, “Jiuzhang” is 10 billion times faster than the 53 superconducting bit quantum computing prototype “Suzuki” released by Google last year. < p > < p > the website of British weekly introduced the calculation method and working principle of “nine chapters” in detail, and quoted the views of professionals that the success of “nine chapters” in China shows that it is feasible to obtain “quantum superiority” by using photonic boson sampling, and “nine chapters” represents a hardware path completely different from that of Google. According to a report published in the journal < / P > < p >, Chinese scientists used a laser beam to perform a calculation that was mathematically proved to be almost impossible to complete on an ordinary computer. “In a matter of minutes, the team completed the task that the best supercomputer on earth needs half the age of the earth,” which is different from the hardware path of the 53 superconducting bit quantum computing prototypes released by Google last year. “This is undoubtedly a remarkable experiment and an important milestone,” said Ian wormsley, a physicist at Imperial College London This is the first milestone in the development of quantum technology in China, according to a report published on December 4 by the technology channel on the website of Bloomberg. Although quantum computing is still in its infancy, it is considered to be the key to fundamentally improve the processing speed and ability of computers, enabling computers to simulate large-scale systems and promote the progress of physics, chemistry and other fields. Chinese researchers are competing with big U.S. companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft for the technology’s lead. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo