Global vision space armament power is increasingly valued, and France will also develop space combat capability

According to media reports: Recently, the relevant senior officials of the French Ministry of Defense said that France will add a huge amount of budget in space defense, in order to enhance its military power in space as a self-defense against “military threats” or “unfriendly acts” from other countries in space. According to relevant media reports, the senior official said that France will increase its spending budget in space military in recent years. According to the relevant laws of France, France is expected to improve the modernization level of space surveillance, and update the existing relevant space equipment, so as to enhance its military strength in space.

according to relevant reports, last year, French President Marcon said that France would set up a space military force as the space military command and “aviation and space forces”, which is composed of the interior of the French air force. Senior officials at the French defense ministry said the team would belong to the air force, and said it would reach a certain number by 2025. She believes that in today’s global trend, hegemonic forces still exist, and space has become an important place for countries to compete for global hegemony. The idea that space serves the common interests of science has long ceased to exist.

according to the statement made by Ma Kelon before, the high-level official reiterated that the French side did not mean to provoke an arms race, but clearly recognized that the threat faced by the French side was her responsibility and took corresponding countermeasures. He also mentioned the incident that the military satellite shared with Italy had been monitored by Russian satellites, but the Russian side denied this statement at that time. This has strengthened the French side’s determination to enhance its space armament strength, and it must not let the “small action” behind it endanger its own security.

according to the French media, the reason why France has made a series of preparations for the establishment of a space force is largely influenced by Trump’s various measures in space armament in recent years, including Trump’s request for the US Department of defense to establish a space military law, and the defense authorization bill signed last year, and approved the establishment of the US air force. The measures taken by the US side will inevitably cause some concern to other countries, and relevant countermeasures will be prepared for this.

according to relevant experts, these measures of the United States are accelerating the pace of us space militarization step by step. According to the current situation, a new round of space arms race is likely to be triggered. It is inevitable that the hegemonic acts of various countries in space military will gradually emerge. The French side said that the main purpose of enhancing its own space military strength without the intention of provoking an arms race in space is to prevent “unfriendly acts” by other countries.

Author: zmhuaxia