Glory 30 has fallen to a new low price. Is there still a lack of product power?

Generally speaking, it is very difficult to find all-round mobile phones in the mid end market, because the current high-end flagship phones can not be all-round, so when selecting mobile phone products, we should be optimistic about their own needs.

when it comes to the midrange market, the popularity of Huawei’s glory model is very exaggerated, and it has a very good performance in terms of configuration parameters. Moreover, glory mobile phones have been developing in the mid end market for a long time and accumulated a lot of experience.

today, we will focus on talking about the glory 30 of Huawei glory. Although it is not as powerful as the glory 30pro and the glory 30pro +, but its strength is also remarkable.

as the first echelon mobile phone brand in China, glory has launched several series of classic models in recent years, such as V series, X series and digital series, which have been affirmed by consumers and achieved very good market results.

but when glory 30 was just released, it did not arouse too much heat and popularity. Everyone paid attention to the other two mobile phone products. The popularity of glory 30 was very low, and even many users thought that this product was not good.

but after a period of development, the popularity of glory 30 has increased a lot. The reason is that among the Kirin 985, the strength of glory 30 is commendable and representative.

although the 30 Kirin 985 processor that is honored with the strength of the performance is not strong enough, its strength is still awesome, especially in terms of imaging ability. The strength of glory 30 is really hard core, giving the author a sense of HUAWEI P40.

in terms of shooting, the author tested the shooting of dark light, backlight, macro distance and other scenes, and the glory 30 was not disappointed. Thanks to the support of Sony imx600, this mobile phone’s shooting performance was at the flagship level.

as for the screen performance, the 6.53 inch OLED screen has a strong grainy sense under the setting of “automatic resolution adjustment”. After this function is turned off, the screen looks very delicate.

if we just look at the product itself, I think the strength is quite commendable. If we just play games and use it everyday, there is no obvious problem. After all, the strength of glory 30 itself is quite commendable, which I believe we can all see.

but the competition in the mobile phone market is still very cruel. As the flagship machine released in the first half of the year, the market heat of glory 30 has dropped a lot, and even the price has begun to go down.

according to the official display, it has dropped to 2589. It can be said that after the price reduction, the glory 30 has been highly popular, and the competitive value of the product itself has been greatly improved.

but unfortunately, the product power of glory 30 is still a little lacking, especially after the birth of many Tianji 1000 + models and snapdragon 865 models, they are transferring the attraction of glory 30 itself.

and glory 30 does not have a high refresh rate function, and there is no front wide-angle camera. If you want this camera, you can only choose pro and PRO + versions of curved screen.

that is to say, even if the price of glory 30 goes down, it is not so easy to greatly increase the popularity. Under the pressure of many new machines, it is still a little lack of product power.

but then again, although the product power of glory 30 is a little insufficient, it is also helpless under the positioning, because it needs glory 30 to support in the middle end market, otherwise this price will be empty.

Maybe this is also a constraint. Otherwise, glory 30 can play a better role. After all, its strength is not weak. From macro to 50x long focus, the overall craftsmanship is also first-class, combined with good game experience and excellent cooling capacity.

it can be said that glory 30 is already very strong near this price, but the market development speed is too fast, which leads to the low product strength of glory 30. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year