Glory Hunter Game Book v700 evaluation: enjoy the new life of game work

With the gradual recognition of E-sports by the public, the products related to game competition have also been unprecedented development. The progress of semiconductor technology brings more powerful performance and lower power consumption to the computer, which further releases the game potential of notebook computer and becomes a mobile combat platform for game lovers. < p > < p > at 2:00 p.m. on September 16, glory officially released its first game notebook, glory Hunter Game Book v700, which is equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core i7-10750h mobile processor, NVIDIA geforce RTX 2060 optical display, 16GB DDR4 dual channel memory, 144hz refresh rate of 16.1 inch Full HD screen and 512gb / 1TB solid-state hard disk. The glory Hunter game book I received is the standard i7 + RTX 2060 version. Users can also choose the 10th generation core i5-10300h and GTX 1660 Ti video cards, 8GB DDR4 memory and 60Hz refresh rate screen. For mobile office users, the size and weight of notebook are also very important. Glory Hunter Game v700 through the family style ultra narrow frame design, the 16.1 inch screen “crams” into the 15.6 inch fuselage; the body weight is controlled at about 2.45kg, which can easily meet the needs of the game and daily office. < / P > < p > the logo in the middle of a side of the fuselage is inspired by the hunter blade and supports 16 million colors. Players can adjust the whole body light and various flicker effects through the glory Hunter intelligent control game center to create a charming and dreamy atmosphere. < / P > < p > the screen of the game book adopts the super narrow frame design of the glory family, with the left and right borders of only 4.7MM, so that the notebook can be crammed with a 16.1-inch screen in a 15.6-inch fuselage, bringing a broader view of the game. The screen has 1920×1080 resolution, 144hz refresh rate, and supports 100% sRGB gamut, bringing smoother and more delicate game pictures. < / P > < p > the top of the screen is equipped with a 720p camera and dual microphones to meet the needs of video calls. The computer also supports windows Hello function to provide more secure and efficient wake-up and unlock. < / P > < p > the C side of the fuselage is made of the same metal material as the a side. The game book is honored to customize the four color area backlit keyboard of the electronic competition level. The 1.8mm key range has good tapping feedback. The numeric keypad is reserved in the keyboard area to meet the demand of notebook as a productivity tool. The F key position of the keyboard refers to the layout of the mechanical keyboard, and the key position of the keyboard is separated to improve the accuracy of blind operation. < / P > < p > heat dissipation is very important to the game book experience. We add the heat dissipation plate connected with the shell to the Hunter Game Book innovatively. When the notebook screen is opened, the heat sink at the bottom of the notebook will open automatically, forming an 8.5mm air intake three-dimensional Valley, bringing 40% of the air intake to the notebook, quickly discharging the heat of CPU and graphics card, and ensuring that the computer is in high temperature It is still cool and stable in performance. < p > < p > the glory Hunter Game v700 also uses a black flare radiator with a heat dissipation area of 28542mm2, which can realize efficient heat dissipation at the air inlet; the heat dissipation system adopts 240 ultra-thin heat dissipation fins, with a thickness of 0.1mm, which can reduce the wind resistance and improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the fins. With the lighting of the wind Valley atmosphere lamp, it shows the black and shining brilliance. The notebook fan uses two high-speed 12V fans, higher speed brings more air volume, quickly brings the heat inside the body, and reduces the system temperature and noise. < / P > < p > in order to verify the heat dissipation capacity of glory Hunter v700, the author chooses Aida 64 and Furmark to test the CPU and video card for high-intensity toaster test. Through the built-in temperature monitoring function of the software and external temperature gun and noise testing tools, the temperature and noise of the computer under high load are detected. The test environment is 25 ℃ at room temperature, and the notebook computer is conducted without external auxiliary heat dissipation, and the test time is 30 minutes. < / P > < p > from the perspective of Furmark’s toaster, the temperature of full load video card is stable at 65 ℃ by default, without overheating and frequency reduction; CPU performance is also stable, and there is no frequency reduction in toaster test. After the crazy battle mode is turned on, the maximum frequency of the video card is increased to 1200MHz, and the maximum temperature of the video card is 73 degrees, which also maintains good performance output. < / P > < p > the C-side temperature of the notebook is also excellent. After the “Hunter frenzy mode” is turned on, the maximum temperature of the keyboard with full load at full speed is 46.7 degrees, and users can use the keyboard normally. In terms of noise control, the maximum noise in the default mode is 63.3 dB, and the outlet noise in the frenzy mode is 68.9 dB. < p > < p > glory Hunter Game v700 is equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core i7-10750h processor, 6 cores, 12 threads, 2.6GHz main frequency, up to 5.0ghz, thermal design power consumption of 45W. The video card is the RTX 2060 mobile version from NVIDIA, with 1920 CUDA and 6GB video memory. < p > < p > in terms of storage, Hunter Game v700 is equipped with dual channel DDR4 memory with 16GB capacity and 2666mhz frequency as standard. Users can also achieve the maximum capacity of 32GB through expansion to meet the needs of various games and professional software; the solid-state hard disk is sn730 solid hard disk specially prepared by Western data for ODM customers, providing black disk level performance. < / P > < p > the game test selected six games, namely,,,,, and recorded the highest, lowest and average frame rates under 1080p. < p > < p > glory Hunter Game v700 uses rtx2060 independent graphics card. At 1080p resolution, the stability and frame rate performance of the video card are quite excellent. Most 3A games can experience smoothly. Choosing a better performance video card can further improve the experience, but rtx2060 is the best choice at present. < / P > < p > for office users, the lack of interoperability between windows and Android has become a pain point in their daily work. From the perspective of user experience, glory creates multi screen collaborative function, completely breaks the gap between Android and windows, and realizes the rapid transmission and management of various resources. < p > < p > glory Hunter Game Book v700 is designed by Huawei computer manager, combined with Huawei and glory mobile phones, to easily realize the sharing and transmission of documents, pictures and videos, and solve the interaction between mobile phones and computers. The author has previously added multi screen collaboration function to magicbook series products, which can greatly improve office efficiency. < / P > < p > for office users, cloud storage is indispensable, and multi terminal synchronous office can be realized through cloud storage. Glory Hunter Game Book v700 is equipped with Huawei cloud space PC client to realize the perfect integration of cloud space and PC, and bring multi terminal collaborative function. Users can not only quickly browse and manage the cloud data of mobile phones and tablets on PC, but also store the work content in the cloud and browse and download between different devices. < p > < p > glory Hunter Game v700 as a positioning game notebook computer, in the innovative lifting wind Valley, the fuselage has an ultra-thin 19.9mm thickness, which brings strong visual impact to users. The lifting wind Valley can also bring better cooling air duct for the computer, effectively reducing the temperature of graphics card and CPU. < p > < p > glory Hunter Game v700 is equipped with i7-10750h and RTX 2060 graphics card, which brings excellent performance. It can not only easily enjoy the 3A works under 1080p; the high-performance computer can also efficiently complete the creation of image content, covering more use scenarios, making it an all-round product taking into account Entertainment and life. Privacy Policy