Glory Hunter game is about to appear to see the summary of the revelations!

Glory has been moving frequently recently, and the interaction and information of official microblog indicate that the game of glory hunter is coming. Glory for the first time to create a game notebook, but also represents glory has enough preparation and confidence to enter the game book market, but so far, this glory Hunter Game Book exposure news is not much, the following will be the current exposure of glory Hunter game book information, to see whether this notebook is worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > the earliest announcement of the glory Hunter game book is its logo pattern. This is the hunter dart pattern, which is similar to the glory Hunter router logo. It is very handsome and cool, and has full recognition. Seeing this pattern, it seems that you can feel the strength and momentum of the glory Hunter game book. Through this logo, you can basically confirm that the glory Hunter game will adopt a very special Cool, highly technological design, for the selfie party, this is a “fatal temptation”. < / P > < p > today, Weibo netizens revealed that glory applied for a heat dissipation patent, and the glorious mold design was higher than many consumers expected. From the design drawing of the patent application, we can see that the heat dissipation of glory game book is the design of opening the bottom cover to enhance the air inlet. This scheme has been carried on the flagship Rog ice blade series with a variety of 2W before. Visual inspection shows that the heat dissipation performance of glory game book will take off in full blood, bringing a great experience to consumers. In addition, glory products have always been known for their cost-effective performance. Therefore, it is speculated that although they carry the cooling performance of 2W yuan product level, there should be a surprise in the price. < p > < p > recently, glory official micro blog said that glory Hunter game book will be equipped with 10 generations of i7 processor, and the strong and powerful will jointly create a super performance game book. The tenth generation i7 processor has improved a lot on the basis of the ninth generation, mainly the improvement of the traditional main frequency, which makes the performance of notebook better; the addition of hyper threading makes the overall performance of the chip increase by more than 20%. At present, there is not much information about the 10th generation i7. Glory is a technology enterprise. I believe that with the blessing of glory technology, Intel processor can optimize the best effect. < / P > < p > after the official announcement of the logo of glory Hunter game book, careful Netizens found that the general rules of glory bear indicated that the game book of glory hunter was thinner than expected in the internal test, and also revealed that the packaging box of glory Hunter game book was thinner than expected. Does it mean that the game book of glory hunter is thinner than the general game book? What’s more, a manuscript of design sketch of glory notebook has been exposed on the Internet, which adopts the “super run” design, which looks thinner. Is there any gap between the glory Hunter game and the design sketch? It’s even more anticipated. < / P > < p > at present, there are only so many exposure news about glory Hunter game book. What can be confirmed is that glory Hunter game book carries ten generations of core processor and its cool logo. Other information is only speculation and reasoning of netizens, and there is no substantial evidence and official declaration. However, glory Hunter game book is not far away from us. Now we are looking forward to it When it comes, lock the glory to witness the birth of the first glory game book. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?