Glory is going to work, Kirin 820 new machine price reduction again! Netizen: 5g mobile phone is not worth preserving

To be honest, the number of new machines released by glory this year is not a small number, but not many of them can make consumers remember deeply. However, the glory X10 should be a model that can be remembered by consumers, especially in the 5g “first year” of this year, glory has reformed its models again, and the midrange model series of glory has been paid more attention.

glory X10 is a kind of midrange model that is hard to focus on cost performance. However, according to the past models, consumers’ evaluation of this series is quite good. Now it has been a few months since the release of the machine. In addition to the fierce competition in the market, according to the current market price, glory X10 has obvious price loosening. For example, under the price of a large 10 billion subsidy, the 8 + 128GB version only needs 1779 yuan.

in fact, glory X10 comes with sincerity, and some functions of the machine are also at the leading level of the same price. First, the glory X10 should be in 5g midrange models, and few mobile phones with ultra-high screen proportion are used. The lifting structure scheme is adopted, which can further increase the visual display effect. Secondly, the Kirin 820 chip is also the second 5g chip of Huawei. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Huawei’s midrange chip is ignited by this series of midrange models of glory.

the photo experience of the third glory X10 is the existence of the same price model. Although Huawei’s two major functions of the glory sub brand are only reflected in the glory X10, the 40 megapixel main camera of IMX 600y sensor has its unique advantages. However, there is no 40W super fast charging technology, which replaces the 22.5w fast charging technology. Although it is not as fast as the 40W “blood returning” speed, it is much stronger than the previous generation’s 10W fast charging technology.

for glory X10, it is not without disadvantages. In order to maximize the profit, there are differences among the memory combinations of glory X10. For example, the standard version does not have full-featured NFC function. Is it a bit of a headache! At the same time, the weight and thickness of the glory X10 are higher than those of the same price model because of the lifting structure design scheme of the screen and the main camera of the 40 megapixel big bottom.

generally speaking, there is no mistake in reducing the price to increase the cost performance. Take the current price of glory X10, which did not appear during the annual 618 period, and the current price loosening may be the best embodiment of fierce market competition. Here I also believe that to see here, the first batch of users may want to cry! In just a few months, the price has dropped so much, which may also confirm the saying of some consumers that “5g mobile phones have no value preservation”! Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine