Glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version of hands-on experience, performance, appearance enough pro

Mobile phone manufacturers to enter the notebook industry, at first was not optimistic, because the PC update speed is slow, the market has approached saturation. But glory broke the doubt with actual results. On July 16, glory launched its new flagship glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong full screen lightweight edition. The author also got the Ruilong version of the glorious Magic Book Pro, which is called the super large cup of the lightweight notebook. Here’s how it works. < p > < p > glory magicbook Pro has a 16.1-inch screen in its 15.6-inch fuselage. The visual area is increased by 6.6% compared with the 15.6-inch model, and the vision is larger and broader. The screen also adopts the design of three narrow borders: left, top and right. The width of the frame is 4.9mm, and the proportion of the screen reaches 90%. < / P > < p > multi screen collaboration is definitely a bonus item of glory magicbook pro, which is also the technical advantage brought by glory as a mobile phone manufacturer. Based on the multi screen collaborative function, the whole PC can be regarded as a mobile phone peripheral. < / P > < p > for me, I need to shoot a lot of blackboard writing and PPT content in college class. With multi screen collaboration, many tedious steps can be saved. I can transfer the content I shot directly to the computer by traditional drag and drop method, which saves a lot of time. < p > < p > the ryzen 7 4800h standard voltage processor of glory magicbook Pro is specially designed for high-performance notebooks; in terms of graphics display, it is equipped with a radon graphics graphics graphics card, which can easily cope with large-scale graphic design software and popular online games. The Ruilong edition of glory magicbook Pro has been significantly improved in graphic processing, video editing and code compilation. < p > < p > glory magicbook Pro is equipped with high-energy mode for the first time. It can be quickly adjusted by FN + P. whether it is heavy load application or graphics rendering, you can experience the blessing of high-energy mode. < / P > < p > what ensures the stable performance of the game of glory magicbook Pro is its super heat dissipation capacity. Glory magicbook Pro is equipped with shark fin dual fan version 2.0. It adopts the fan motor of game level and matches with double heat pipe design to realize efficient heat dissipation of game level. < p > < p > the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version adopts 16GB dual channel DDR4 memory and 512gb high-performance PCIe nvme SSD high-speed solid-state disk. The application loading speed and game reading speed are significantly improved, providing excellent protection for the smooth experience of the whole machine. < p > < p > glory magicbook Pro is not only a performance benchmark for lightweight books, but also a benchmark for lightweight weight control. The 16.1-inch fuselage is only 16.9mm thick and weighs only 1.7kg. It can be easily carried in a backpack. < / P > < p > it’s about 1.2km from my dormitory to the teaching building, and the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version doesn’t make me feel laborious at all. After class at noon, you can also have some entertainment activities with the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong edition. < / P > < p > glory magicbook Pro 2020 Ruilong version has a rated battery capacity of 56wh. It comes with a compact 65W multi-functional travel quick charge, which can fully charge half the power in half an hour. The key can also charge mobile phones and tablets super fast, saving the trouble of carrying two chargers when going out. That’s all for the introduction of the glory magicbook pro. On the whole, this lightweight laptop priced at only 4699 yuan is extremely cost-effective, and now it has become an indispensable part of my life. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?