Glory notebook evaluation: 16.1 inch screen, AMD processor, can you play 87g 3D games?

Nowadays, more and more people begin to use Huawei and glory mobile phones, and I have changed from iPhone 11 to glory 30pro. The main reason for the change is that the signal of Apple mobile phone is not good and the charging speed is too slow. After changing the main machine to glory 30pro, I also began to consider replacing my Lenovo notebook with the same brand of glory. After all, I heard Rong Yaoquan Home barrel can significantly improve productivity, so later, I started the glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version, which has been used for more than a week now. Let’s talk about my use experience with you. < / P > < p > first, let’s talk about the appearance. Like most light and thin notebooks, the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version adopts the minimalist design style. The all metal body texture is good. The logo of honor is printed on the side of the whole a side. The weight of this notebook is controlled at 1.7kg, while the thickness is controlled at 16.9mm. The whole machine looks very light and thin. < / P > < p > opening the laptop screen, I personally think, glorify magicbook The narrow frame screen of the pro Reebok version is a big highlight. You can see that the frame design on the upper side and both sides is very narrow, and the overall visual effect is very impressive. Moreover, I measured the overall size of this notebook. The notebook with 16.1 inch screen is even smaller than my previous 15.6 inch notebook. < / P > < p > it is also worth noting here that the 16.1-inch screen uses IPS anti glare fog screen. When there is light reflection, it will not be dazzling. The resolution is 1080p. Some people say why we can’t use 2K. I don’t really like 2K resolution screen. On the one hand, it will eat up the performance of a laptop, on the other hand, it will also consume power Larger, from the practical point of view, I prefer to use the 1080p screen, and can see this glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version of the color display effect is very good, saturation and clarity are also good. < / P > < p > let’s have a look at the screen of glory Magic Book Pro, which is more than 90% of the screen. Do you feel a high-end feeling? < / P > < p > the C-side layout of the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version is relatively neat. The middle keyboard adopts the island design, and supports three levels of backlight. There are long bar external speakers on both sides of the keyboard. In addition, the area of the touch panel below is also designed to be very large, and the daily use of gesture operation is also very convenient. < / P > < p > this front camera adopts a push-button design. When you want to use it, it will pop up automatically when you press the button, but it can be hidden when you don’t need it. I still like this design. For me, basically, the front camera head on the laptop will be rarely used. From the perspective of protecting users’ privacy, what can we do most of the time If I can’t see it, I will feel more at ease. < / P > < p > there is also an entity fingerprint power button hidden in the position of the right external speaker. When you click start with the input fingerprint, it will automatically identify and skip the login interface and directly enter the system. It is very convenient and safe. The interfaces of < / P > < p > are all located at the back of the left and right sides of the fuselage. There are usb-c full function interface, one HDMI interface and one USB interface on the left. In terms of charging, it supports 65W PD fast charging, and the charger volume is very small. At the same time, you can also use a 65W power PD charging bank to supply power for it. Therefore, when I go out for use, I will not carry a charger, just take a charger. < / P > < p > a large area of air inlet can be seen at the bottom of the fuselage. Heat pipe fan heat dissipation modules are designed on the left and right sides of the interior, while the air outlet is designed at the rear side of the body. I can hardly hear the noise from the internal fan in daily use. < / P > < p > let’s talk about the hardware. According to the performance, the glory Magic Book Pro is divided into two versions: R5 and R7. For people who don’t like to play games, the r5-4600h processor is enough, and its standard configuration is 16GB dual channel DDR4 memory and 512g SSD solid state disk, and has been pre installed Office home and student version, I mainly use office software in daily life, browse the Internet, or repair pictures, do video, I feel that the overall operation is very smooth. < / P > < p > this notebook is not the main game, but to test the performance, I’m glorifying magicbook Pro Ruilong version installed an 87g glory 2k20 basketball game, but I did not expect that the game is very smooth, played a whole game did not appear a bit stuck, so, AMD’s r5-4600h processor performance is very strong, if you usually only play basketball games, or some other online games, then this notebook Performance should be enough to use. < / P > < p > the reason why Lenovo changed from Lenovo to glory at that time was that I heard many people say that the one touch transmission and multi screen collaboration of glory are very easy to use. For people who often work with laptops, they can make good collaboration between mobile phones and laptops, and improve efficiency. I also tried these new functions. I feel that they are very useful to use, mobile phone end-to-end Open the picture, just need to touch the lower right corner of the C side of the notebook, you can automatically transfer this picture to the notebook. < / P > < p > in addition, the multi screen collaborative function can be regarded as glory. The display interface of the mobile phone is directly moved to the notebook, and then the computer and mobile phone can be directly operated through the keyboard and mouse on the notebook. If you want to use the pictures, videos or documents on the mobile phone, you can directly operate by dragging the mouse. In addition, the copy and paste function can be used in the Laptops and mobile phones can also be used together. I have used them several times, and I found that they are really good. When I use computers to work, I may often take out my mobile phones to play. Now the mobile interface has been displayed on the computer, so you can view all the contents on the mobile phone without taking out the mobile phone. < / P > < p > in addition, even if you want to answer and make a call, you can also do it directly through your laptop. This experience makes me feel fresh. This multi screen collaborative way may only be thought of and implemented by mobile phone manufacturers. For those traditional notebook manufacturers, I find that few Huawei glory is willing to work hard on software, except for the hardware, When the performance of hardware is enough to use, in fact, we need more innovation in this kind of software. What do you think? < / P > < p > in general, glorify magicbook Pro Ruilong basically meets all my needs for notebook. First, the 16.1-inch screen is very large, with narrow frame and good visual effect. Secondly, it is equipped with AMD’s r5-4600h processor, supplemented by 16GB storage and 512gb solid-state hard disk. The performance is enough for my daily use. The push-button camera head and fingerprint unlocking function will also make the whole use safer. In terms of battery life, it supports PD charging Bao power supply, so I have never worried about the issue of battery life. Finally, if you use Huawei glory mobile phone, you can also use one touch transmission and multi screen collaborative function, and the productivity is obviously higher than that of traditional notebook. < / P > < p > then what kind of people is the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version suitable for? I personally think that as long as you usually only play games lightly and do not need to do computer design work, the glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version is more suitable, and its price is more than 4000, and its cost performance is still very high. Of course, some people may think that it is not convenient to have a small keyboard, but after you get used to it, it is not too big a problem, do you think? Well, that’s all we need to share about the glory magicbook pro, and we’ll see you next time. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally