Glory of the king

Glory of the king: some of the revelations come as scheduled, and some of them have become “empty checks.” / glory of the king: take a look at these “empty checks” and hope that the patience of players will not be excessively consumed. < / P > < p > as we all know, the glory of the king will disclose the content to different degrees before each content update, either to a new hero online, or to some A hero to do a full range of redo, or online a new skin, or < / P > < p > we hope that these full of sincere information can be posted on the official service as soon as possible, but it can not be achieved. Some revelations can come as scheduled, and some have become “empty checks”. < / P > < p > this is the second type of skin made by players with glory of landing king. The price is very beautiful, and it can be collected in the bag for only six yuan. However, the quality and special effects of this skin can be said to be very insincere, which greatly dampens the enthusiasm of players to create new skin. < / P > < p > before long, the official disclosed that it would upgrade the quality of this skin and release the effect pictures, which was really nice. However, up to now, we haven’t seen any news, and we don’t have any idea to upgrade the quality. < p > < p > Li Bai’s glory collection skin can be said to be the most anticipated skin at present. Then, do you know why players are looking forward to this skin! < / P > < p > one day, a planner gave a reply in the comment area of a certain dynamic content, saying that Li Bai’s glory collection skin would be launched the next year. If Li Bai’s glory collection skin was not launched the next year, the planner would broadcast women’s clothing live. But until now, we haven’t seen Li Bai’s glory collection skin, and we haven’t seen the live broadcast of women’s clothing. Both of them have become “empty promises”. < / P > < p > before long, the official deleted this announcement and re issued a very formal announcement, which will lead to a remake of Lianpo, and will really launch its second killing skin instead of April Fool’s Day joke. But up to now, it’s been three or four months now, and there’s no sign of this second killing skin. < / P > < p > every day, we are imagining what kind of game mode we should make and what kind of game mode can be fun and interesting. Until now, the player still doesn’t know whether the game is a business model until the game is officially tested. < / P > < p > in fact, “empty check” is very normal. This happens to many foreign game masterpieces, but they will give accurate answers at the first time. But the king’s attitude towards “empty check” is totally ignored. It is really I hope we can not over consume the patience of players. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?