Glory tablet 6 experience: TA is good at both learning and entertainment

For tablet computer enthusiasts like me, the first thing I do almost every day when I go home is to charge up my mobile phone, and then change my main equipment into a tablet computer. When I am at home, I don’t need to consider whether the product needs to be held by one hand or portable. On the contrary, my needs will be whether the screen is big enough, whether the video is cool enough, and whether it can be used as my “second screen”.

Based on these requirements, I am still more interested in the recently released glory tablet 6, because it is a product with a large screen and can be used as my “second screen”. So it took me about five days to see if it could fully meet my requirements.

in today’s era of bigger and bigger smartphone screens, my first requirement for a tablet computer is that the screen is large enough. After all, I did use the ipad Mini 2 as a tablet when I started it six years ago, and after I started it last year, it’s more of a mobile phone replacement with a large screen.

the glory tablet 6 uses a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200. In my opinion, this really belongs to the category of large screen, which is more suitable for watching video than iPad.

since there is such a large screen and the aspect ratio suitable for watching video, it’s natural to brush drama and watch animation every day as one of the main tasks of glory tablet 6. In order to better accomplish this task, glory tablet 6 can also support video hypersegmentation algorithm and “sharp screen” display enhancement algorithm. The former can improve the definition of the video within a certain range, while the latter can dynamically adjust the display content, improve the quality of the picture through contrast enhancement, definition enhancement and color enhancement, and realize the detail visibility of the dark area of the picture through the adaptive adjustment of the dynamic range.

in addition to the screen, external play also has a great impact on video playback. The glory plate 6 uses symmetrical stereo dual speakers. Overall, the sound quality is not good, but it is already very good at the price of over 1000. After all, compared with the iPad with only speakers at the bottom, the glory tablet 6 has better immersion when watching video.

but the stereo dual speakers of glory tablet 6 are placed in a relatively central position. I don’t know whether such a design can bring users a better sense of immersion. However, the USB type-C interface at the bottom is not centered, which still makes people suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

when used as a secondary screen, the size of the glory tablet 6 is slightly smaller than that of the light and thin version, and it is much better than that of a mobile phone. It is also OK to find a bracket to put beside the screen. The addition of voice assistant makes it more convenient to operate, and the external sound provided by dual speakers is big enough to play video and music.

if we only talk about audio and video, the 10.1-inch large screen and stereo dual speakers provided by glory tablet 6 provide a good experience. So if you want to start a video product, glory tablet 6 has been able to meet the demand, so let’s talk about something else.

after talking about video, I will generally talk about games, especially for the large screen devices like tablet computers, which make me feel much better than ordinary mobile phones in terms of the larger visual range when using the thumb or the convenience of multi finger operation.

considering that the glory tablet 6 is only a product with a price of more than 1000, I tested the game “glory of the king” only with it. In the case of all the picture quality in the middle or so, glory tablet 6 ran out of 59.7 average frames in a whole game. During this period, the two jams did not last too long, which is still good on the whole.

apart from videos and games, I often use my tablet to browse other streaming media content. After all, compared with smart phones, the larger screen of a tablet can make it easier for me to read the text.

in order to further make full use of the screen, the glory tablet 6 provides a series of standard “parallel view” functions, which can divide different levels of app into left and right arrangement.

if you want to open more programs, the glory tablet 6 also has a split screen function. Combined with the video small window, you can open up to three programs at the same time. The comprehensive experience is good.

for users who like to go out of the house, or the Wi Fi signal in the environment is not very good, the glory tablet 6 provides 4G version. The card holder can insert a nano SIM card and a TF expansion card at the same time, so as to obtain more massive content storage requirements.

glory tablet 6 has built-in children’s paradise and education center. These two apps provide rich teaching resources for minors of different ages, and they also need to input passwords when exiting the app, which can be said to provide some protection for the use of minors.

at the same time, the glory tablet 6 can also support magic pencil, which can realize 4096 level active pressing and lateral front writing. We have already experienced this pen in the previous evaluation of glory tablet V6, and the overall feeling is good. However, we need to note that this function can only be supported by subsequent OTA system updates, so here we will display the photos of glory tablet V6.

combined with the “parallel view” and split screen function mentioned above, glory tablet 6 can make up for the lack of software in Android Tablet to a certain extent. If you need to read files for a long time, you can also turn on e-book mode. At this time, glory tablet 6 will automatically reduce the color of the screen, and adjust the parameters to be more suitable for reading.

so whether you want to use it for your family or have already gone to college, you need to look at the documents for a long time. Glory tablet 6 can meet your needs.

the appearance of glory plate 6 is more traditional, and the overall design is more suitable for horizontal screen. The difference you can see in the back cover is basically the honor logo, the camera and the antenna strips around it. Generally speaking, it is a relatively simple style.

in terms of other configurations, the glory tablet 6 uses the Hisilicon 710A processor manufactured by SMIC international. The performance is not strong, but it can fully meet the daily use. The overall design of the tablet is relatively simple, but the system function is very perfect. The functions of “parallel view” and split screen can be said to be better, making up for the lack of Android Tablet ecology.

at the same time, glory tablet 6 also provides 4G version, which makes it easier to connect to the network even when you are out of the house. After all, as a smart mobile product, I don’t think tablet computers should be comfortable with Wi Fi.

Author: zmhuaxia