Glory tablet: powerful attack multi-functional 5g tablet becomes an effective learning aid

The layout of glory in the Internet of things is more and more intensive. In addition to mobile intelligent products such as glory mobile phones and glory tablets, the development of smart home appliances can not be underestimated. As an important member of the glory ecosystem, glory tablet V6 is of great significance to glory. It is the first flagship tablet combining 5g and WiFi 6 +. Its appearance represents the innovation leap of glory in the Android Tablet industry, and it is more significant for students who are trying to travel in the sea of learning. < / P > < p > the screen size of the glory tablet V6 is 10.4 inches, which is appropriate for students. Whether it is carried by one hand or put into a schoolbag in the process of changing the learning place, it will not cause trouble. Its screen resolution reaches 2000×1200, and the display effect is exquisite. For students, it can reduce eye fatigue to a great extent. Glory plate V6 has passed the German Rhine t? V low blue light certification and the national ophthalmic Engineering Center eye care certification, double certification guarantee for students’ eyes. < / P > < p > in order to provide students with better listening effect, four speakers are designed at the top and bottom edge of the glory flat V6. The symmetrical design allows students to feel the surround sound effect of the speakers from both sides in the listening network class. The lecturer’s voice is more clear and real, which can bring more excellent immersive listening experience. < / P > < p > as the world’s first 5g tablet computer to support wifi6 +, the glory tablet V6 is equipped with Kirin 985 5g SOC, and supports 5g full Netcom and full band after inserting SIM card, which can be said to be a real 5g tablet computer. Even in the classroom without wireless network or other quiet places, students can also use the data flow to surf the Internet to collect the learning materials they want. The large-scale full screen design makes reading more convenient. Wifi6 + can achieve better through wall effect and faster transmission speed in the places with wireless network. Whether it is uploading or downloading, it is a quick step to obtain information. < / P > < p > in view of the fact that students often use flat panel horizontal screen, but the experience of Android flat panel horizontal screen is poor, glory tablet V6 innovatively supports functions such as parallel view and multi screen collaboration on the basis of intelligent split screen, so as to improve the deficiency of Android horizontal screen ecology from the system level. For those who often take photos with mobile phones and take notes on tablets, most of the photos transferred between mobile phones and tablets were completed by third-party software in the past. However, after using the glory tablet V6, the mobile interface can be directly projected onto the tablet. From the mobile phone screen, the photos can be found in the small window on the tablet, and they can be directly dragged into the document for taking notes The rate is higher. < / P > < p > in order to further improve the learning efficiency of students, glory tablet V6 supports glory magic pencil to help students write notes or create, and further expand the learning assistance of glory tablet V6. Glory magic pencil has a 4096 level pressure sense, and ultra-low delay allows the line and pen tip to display synchronously, bringing a flowing and flowing painting experience. Glory magic pencil can also perfectly imitate the handwriting of signature pen, pencil, pen, watercolor pen, etc. in addition, it can also part-time function of mouse. Click, select, copy and paste are more perfect than finger operation. The glory tablet V6 has a special area for writing pens. It is equipped with various and rich handwriting software. Students can create anytime and anywhere, whether using memos to record learning plans, class notes, or drawing software. Rich writing methods also make learning more interesting, and learning efficiency is higher than using traditional paper. Older posts →