Glory tablet V6 in depth experience: potential mobile productivity tool

When the iPad Pro 2020 called out the slogan “why is your next computer a computer?” I almost believed it. I thought that the future was coming and could finally liberate the productivity of the mobile terminal. What notebook should I buy.

but after watching a lot of reviews, I found that I really thought too much. Can an iPad OS and a smart keyboard replace laptops? Too young too simple。 The tablet is ultimately an aid, and now it can play a greater value on the second track.

in contrast, Android Tablet has been affected by the interference of iPad series, and can not get rid of the shadow of Google system. It wasn’t until Huawei and glory explored a track of their own based on their own ecosystem, which changed my stereotype of Android Tablet.

first of all, in terms of product appearance, the screen size of the glory tablet V6 is 10.4 inches, but thanks to the 7.9MM four side micro frame, it feels that it is a circle larger than the ipad Mini, accounting for 84% of the whole screen, and the appearance is quite good.

the resolution of this screen is 2000 × 1200, so its screen scale reaches 5:3, which is more slender than the common 16:9. The pixel density is 225ppi, the screen brightness is 470nits, and the gamut is 100% sRGB. It is a good screen in general.

micro arc design is added to the rear shell of the middle frame of the glory plate V6. The curvature of G3 fits the hand shape, which is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

at the same time, the glory flat plate V6 hides all the antennas, bringing the consistency of the overall appearance. The power interface of type-C is located in the middle of the right side, and there are four speakers in the middle frame, which are located on the left and right sides respectively, which can bring better surround effect.

dingdal effect texture is used on the back of the flat panel to achieve a unique light and shadow effect. The matte fog coating enhances the texture of the whole machine, but it has no resistance to fingerprints. Basically, one touch is made.

glory has also added a 13 megapixel camera to this flat panel, with F / 1.8 aperture. The edge of the camera adopts the volcano ring Deco design, which makes the texture prominent and bulge at the same time. It is best to use it with a protective cover.

in my opinion, although the rear camera is not suitable for use as the main camera, it can be used as an auxiliary type for some functional shooting, such as blackboard writing, PPT content, etc.

the above is the appearance of the glory tablet V6. With 2K full screen and fog coating, the texture of the whole machine is relatively outstanding, which is the top level in the 2000 yuan tablet computer.

the productivity of the glory tablet V6 is first reflected in the hardware aspect. It uses Kirin 985 processor, which is a quasi flagship chip. Qilin 985 adopts a three level energy efficiency architecture CPU with one large core, three medium cores and four small cores. The large core and medium core are developed and commercialized based on cortex-a76, and the small core uses cortex-a55, which reaches 340000 in the Angora test. The version I started with is 6GB memory + 128GB flash memory. The sequential read speed is 908.4mb/s, and the sequential write speed is 183.1mb/s, which is the performance level of Android phones in the middle end.

of course, in addition to strong performance, we also need to consider the performance of human-computer interaction in the actual office productivity. The glory tablet V6 is equipped with magicui3.1 operating system. My initial idea is that this tablet system is a bit like transplanting it to the glory mobile phone, because its QQ and wechat can’t realize two terminal login, and the tablet system and mobile phone login are mutually exclusive. If it’s an iPad, you can log in with your phone at the same time.

but in fact, this tablet system has been optimized very carefully. It is not a simple system transplant, but the most representative is the function of the glory tablet V6. To be honest, I don’t think the split screen function of iPad is very convenient. Many applications don’t support it. However, the solution of glory is that magic UI 3.1 can realize multi window and multi task display through innovative software system display framework. Long press and drag in the side application bar can realize the split screen with the current application.

for example, I often read today’s headlines. If it is opened vertically, it will be the same as that of a mobile phone. If you change to a horizontal view, the screen will focus on the middle. After clicking on the specific content, the left and right split screen navigation bar function will be automatically activated.

the essence of this navigation bar mode is to cut and adjust the original interface. The main application interface is always maintained on the left, and the contents of a new window are displayed in the right window by clicking on the left.

the B station and microblog that I often visit, naturally have this split screen function. Social video and audio are both correct. It is worth mentioning that this split screen function also supports left and right dragging and adjusting width, and some applications even support drag and copy of content between each other, which is simple and efficient.

the glory tablet V6 also adds a floating window. If you encounter a message that needs to be answered, it can be handled efficiently through the floating window, and there is no need to exit the current work in progress. Currently, it supports up to two application split screens and one floating window. The way to realize the suspension window is to open it by clicking on the side application bar.

in addition to intelligent split screen and floating window, human-computer interaction input is also related to productivity. Glory tablet V6 can realize light office with the help of browser or WPS, so glory also provides it with wireless Bluetooth smart keyboard and honor magic pencil two optional accessories.

the wireless Bluetooth smart keyboard has about 58 ° angle support, 1.3 mm long key range, 14 mm side key caps. I personally intend to start with it. Unfortunately, there is no large number of goods on the market at present. What’s more, it is a pity that the keyboard can’t be powered directly through the tablet, so it needs to be charged with the help of type-C interface.

so I chose the external keyboard and mouse. The glory tablet V6 also added a separate computer mode for this situation, which can be switched through the down menu at the top. In actual use, it is the same as ordinary notebook in modeling, but it is not as smooth as tablet mode in terms of handling feeling, and there will be a certain sense of card Dun, which depends on the follow-up optimization.

at present, I have got the optional honor magic pencil. It is a silver stylus with a body weight of 14g and a diameter of 160mm. It is comfortable to hold. The nib part can also be replaced, and two spare nibs are provided as standard by default.

personally, I think Nebo for Huawei is the most suitable function for this pen. It can not only support the conversion of handwritten text into standard fonts, but also alter the content of unwanted text. This is the same as apple pencil operation with iPad OS 14.

of course, magicui’s own memo software also has its own features. Personally, I prefer the function of double-click handwriting on the information screen. When you need to record, you can start at any time.

in this memo software, you can not only write by hand, but also achieve fine painting with the help of honor magic pencil. Although I have learned it in junior high school, I have forgotten it for a long time. I feel a bit ashamed of my teacher.

in WPS, the “intelligent brush” mode can also be used to quickly fill in the document content. Of course, this is in the case of no keyboard. If it is equipped with a keyboard, it will not be much different from the real notebook office scene.

after the actual experience, it is really like writing on a printed document. Of course, the feeling of handwriting will be greater than the real stroke, and the control of writing small characters will be more difficult, which will test the skill of the writer.

the smooth network signal and transmission rate are also important contents that affect the office experience. WiFi 6 + carried by glory tablet V6 has 160MHz super wide bandwidth and dynamic narrow bandwidth technology, which can bring stronger signal access and faster bandwidth rate. With our own glory router 3, we can successfully shake hands with WiFi 6 + and achieve a bandwidth rate of 2.4gbps. Under our 200m broadband, we can see that the downlink speed is 261.4mbps, and the uplink rate is 32.6mbps. In the intranet transmission, the rate can reach 974.2mbps downlink rate and 809.85mbps uplink rate.

because of its light and thin shape and good grip, I often use it to watch video websites such as station B, Tencent and iqiyi. Recently, the popular ones have become the direction of my pursuit of drama.

the narrow frame full-scale screen of the glory flat plate V6 is combined with symmetrical four speakers, which brings a better immersive feeling. At the same time, in terms of the screen, the “sharp screen” display enhancement technology can effectively enhance the details of the dark area of the screen and improve the color saturation for video playback, picture browsing and other scenes. In addition, this screen has also passed the low blue light certification of German Rhine TV and the eye care certification of National Eye Engineering Center, so you don’t have to worry about eye fatigue during normal use.

in terms of game experience, Qilin 985 of glory tablet V6 adopts 8-core mali-g77 GPU for the first time, and adds Kirin gaming + 2.0 for game scenarios. It adopts the new upgraded AI FM scheduling technology, optimizes CPU load and GPU rendering by combining with chip bottom cutting, and adds game related thread optimization technology.

how about the actual performance? First of all, let’s have a look. This game is believed to be a national mobile game. There are fans of all ages.

the sense of playing with the glory flat V6 is that the screen is really big, but because the fuselage is light and comfortable, it will not make you feel unruly. But on the key position, the glory of the king is equal to the magnification, so it is recommended that you adjust the position in the key setting in advance, so as to facilitate a better skill release.

according to perfdog’s record, the game frame rate of glory tablet V6 is very stable and remains at 60fps, with only a very slight fluctuation.

the average frame rate under the highest image quality is 59.9fps, which is also a fairly smooth picture performance. Both the movement of characters and the release of skills are accurate. CPU calls account for about 16.8%, which can run smoothly. The average temperature is 42.4 ℃, and the temperature control is regular.

in this game, the character’s mirror shooting is also very smooth, and the vehicle’s movement control is relatively accurate, which helps me to be more simple and efficient when entering the circle or collecting resources. The frame rate of

is limited by software, so it can only be opened to 40fps. The glory plate V6 is also as stable as possible at this ceiling frame rate. The average frame rate of

is 39.8fps, the CPU utilization rate is 22.8%, and the body temperature is 45.0 ℃, which is slightly higher than that. This is also because 3D games consume more hardware resources.

the heating situation is a problem of great concern to all students. In the process of Angou rabbit test, we observed the heating situation of glory plate V6 with the help of infrared thermal imager. We can see that the heat is mainly concentrated on the two sides of the front and the top part of the back. The maximum temperature is about 37-38 ℃, which is considered as the shell temperature is relatively low.

the battery life is also an important indicator to evaluate the performance of a tablet computer. In my actual use, the glory tablet V6 can basically meet my one-day use. At the same time, glory is also equipped with a 22.5w fast charging power adapter, which can effectively complete the charging work

Author: zmhuaxia