Glory thousand yuan machine again concession, 90hz + 4000mAh + dual mode 5g only 1699, but still can’t sell

Although the overall development of glory is good, it has also hit a wall in the thousand yuan mobile phone market. After the release of the glory 30 youth version, the mobile phone was ignored by the market. In addition, the 5g thousand yuan mobile phone of Youshang competed to go on the market. The glory 30 youth version gradually separated from the mainstream mobile phone market. In order to enhance its competitiveness, this glory thousand yuan mobile phone made another concession. At present, the glory 30 youth version is sold at a lower price on the third-party platform. The 128GB version of glory 30 youth version is reduced to 1699 yuan, almost at the cost price It’s netizens who still don’t buy it, and this glory 1000 yuan machine still can’t be sold, even to the point where no one cares about it. Why on earth is this? < / P > < p > although glory is a subsidiary brand of Dachang, this glory 30 youth version is seriously shoddy. Although the glory 30 Youth Edition supports the 90hz refresh rate, the 120Hz refresh rate screen of Hongmi and zheni still failed. And the material is only LCD material, can’t show more details. And the upper and lower borders are not very narrow, which makes the border occupy a large screen area. Although the camera is the advantage of glory, the glory 30 youth version is a special case. There are only three cameras in the rear, and the main camera element is only 48 million pixels. Even if you shoot 4K video, the definition is not high enough. < / P > < p > although Qianyuan machine is famous for its endurance, the glory 30 youth version is very poor in terms of endurance. The 4000 Ma battery supports 22.5w wired fast charging, which makes it difficult to complete one day’s heavy use. Glory 30 youth version of this phone only provides 64GB and 128GB of small memory, storage space is not enough. Glory 30 youth version of the performance is provided by Tianji 800, performance is not good enough, daily energy consumption is more. There is a big gap between the high-quality glass and the youth version. < / P > < p > in the mobile phone market, there are many high-quality 5g thousand yuan machines, such as zhenwo V5 and glory’s own glory X10, which are very good. However, glory 30 Youth Edition has not been built according to strict standards, and the configuration has been reduced a lot, which lays a hidden trouble for its situation. Although the price of 1699 yuan is acceptable to the current mobile phone users, there is a big gap between the camera, screen and design of glory 30 youth version and the 5g 1000 yuan machine in the same period, which can not meet the daily use, so consumers will not buy it. If you are loyal users of 5g thousand yuan machine, Xiaobian suggests you use other 5g thousand yuan machines with good reputation. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?