Glory V30 pro with glory tablet V6: office more efficient and convenient

In the era of 5g mobile phone explosion, has not used 5g mobile phone, is it a bit out of step with the times? In the early stage of 5g, the glory of “5g benchmark” V30 Pro also officially opened my 5g era. Now, it has been a long time since the release of this mobile phone. From last year to now, I have always used it as the main machine and have a deep understanding of it. In daily use, I’m afraid that the most common use of it is light office demand, especially after the release of glory tablet V6 this year, with the blessing of multi screen interactive function, more usage scenarios have been added.

previously, one of the most commonly used functions in mobile office was its screen projection function. After turning on the wireless screen projection function, you can also enter the computer mode. After entering the computer mode, the projected screen will switch to the horizontal computer mode operation interface, which is very similar to the operation interface of windows system. At this time, the mobile phone becomes a touch pad.

this function is very practical for students who don’t want to carry a heavy laptop. As long as the office has a display device that supports screen projection, you can directly operate the mobile phone as a computer. Greatly enriched the glory V30 Pro office use scenarios.

when I was on a business trip, I occasionally took a notebook out. With the glory V30 pro and the glory tablet V6, you only need to bring two of them on business trip. On the high-speed rail, the glory tablet V6 can be used as an entertainment device. After the multi screen collaboration function is enabled, the glory tablet V6 can act as the second screen of glory V30 pro, viewing the mobile phone information on the tablet while watching the drama. This is very necessary for the narrow space on the high-speed rail that one device controls two devices.

on the glory tablet V6, you can not only see the contents displayed on the glory V30 Pro mobile phone, but also perform some operations on the mobile phone. Directly controlling the glory V30 pro on the glory tablet V6 is just like directly controlling a mobile phone, which is very convenient. In addition, the voice of the mobile phone can also be played through the speaker of the flat panel. In this way, I can directly control the mobile phone on the glory tablet V6, browse the app information on the mobile phone, reply to wechat and other operations.

with the multi screen interactive function, the data between the mobile phone and the tablet can be easily transmitted. For example, the file of mobile phone is transferred to the tablet, and the file transfer is completed by dragging the file to the tablet directly, which is very convenient. At this time, the use of large screen equipment such as flat panel will show the information to customers, it is no longer convenient.

the functions mentioned above are just the most commonly used functions when I use glory V30 pro. Other functions such as Huawei share file sharing and Huawei share printing will play an important auxiliary role in daily office. Another example is the function of recording shorthand, which not only can quickly complete the meeting notes, but also support the function of voice to text, which is really awesome for office workers.

after such a long time of use, I am very satisfied with the comprehensive performance of this mobile phone. The system features rich functions and excellent hardware performance of the mobile phone. Especially in the innovative design of interactive functions, it should be obviously ahead of other similar products. It is not only a great surprise to me in the office scene, but also satisfying in the aspects of games and entertainment. Especially now that the major mobile phone manufacturers have released 5g flagship, I still think it is a model that is very worthwhile to start with. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia