Glory X10: limited upgrade perception, strong degradation perception!

According to the overall situation of smart phones available to users at the present stage, it is very difficult for users who don’t know the parameters of mobile phones to choose a mobile phone product suitable for them. Even though there are professionals to guide them, it is difficult to choose their favorite products in a short time.

on the one hand, the mobile phone market has entered a new era, and the development speed is very fast. Most mobile phone manufacturers are difficult to explore the advantages of their products in a short time, and it is also difficult to evaluate the follow-up development of the mobile phone market.

However, there are also many users who recognize brands. If the previous generation of models is excellent in daily use, the next generation of products will still choose a certain series or a certain brand, such as the glory X10 to be told today.

as a rare Kirin 820 model, the glory X10 really attracted a lot of enthusiasm when it was just released. Many users think that this product, as a continuation of glory 9x series, will definitely rise and “stir up the market”.

However, the fact is cruel. At the beginning, the glory X10 did not set off too much heat, because the price of this product is relatively high, and it is not very attractive compared with the previous 1399.

looking back on the configuration parameters of glory X10, we can see that at the beginning, the Qilin 820 processor has to compete with Tianji 820 model and Tianji 1000 + model.

even the elevating lens has no advantage. On the contrary, it is 8.8mm thick, 76.5mm wide and 203G weight that brings defects.

but then again, with the development of time, glory X10 itself has become more and more fragrant. You should know that the product does not have to be compared with products near the same price, only with excellent use.

in terms of photo experience, the rear camera adopts 4000W high-sensitivity main camera, 800W ultra wide angle lens and 200W macro lens, and supports AIS intelligent anti shake.

the main features are large aperture, night scene, portrait, short video, panoramic mode, delayed photography, super macro, slow motion, HDR and professional mode.

and compared with many Tianji 800 models, the strength of glory X10 can still be recognized by mobile phone users, and continuous Airlines has also changed a lot.

4300mah battery, 22.5w charging power, and Kirin 820 processor with good power control, the battery life is good.

the system is equipped with a new magic UI 3.1. Generally speaking, magic UI is not much different from Huawei’s emui, but there are still many upgrades compared with the previous generation.

Finally, the screen refresh rate of glory X10 is also one of the highlights. From 60Hz to 90hz, or from 90hz to 120Hz, if you upgrade your computer step by step, rather than jump from 60Hz to 120Hz, to be honest, it is very difficult for you to clearly feel their upgrade.

and for most users, sometimes you don’t even know that this device is a product with high brushes if you don’t mention it or do a blind test.

if you use a screen with a refresh rate of 90hz or 120Hz for a period of time, the feeling of drop in experience will be particularly obvious when you return to 60Hz for some reason. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction