Glory Zhao Ming, Xiaomi Wang Xiaoyan, iqoo Feng Yufei and other 3C tycoons rush to live in Suning

Live with goods under the wind, live broadcast is no longer just a platform for online celebrities, live with goods from stars to ordinary people quietly progressive, industry leaders have also entered. < p > < p > during the 818 period of Suning e-buy, dozens of brand giants from domestic mainstream mobile communication and computer digital, including Zhao Ming, President of glory, Wang Xiaoyan, vice president of Xiaomi in China, Li Yanbing, vice president of Raytheon technology, Feng Yufei, President of iqoo in China, and Ni Fei, President of Nubia, successively entered Suning e-buy 818 studio. President’s same payment, President’s price, President’s welfare This special Suning e-buy live group is the peak when it comes out. < / P > < p > “the price of 3C super burning live broadcast is coming!” It is understood that from August 3 to August 18 every night at 8:18, Suning e-buy 3C studio, every day there is a big 3C brand appeared in the studio. In addition to brand executives, there are product managers of Unicom, iFLYTEK, Meizu and other brands to bring “product star recommendation” to users, as well as famous digital big V such as Xiaobai evaluation and Li Dashui as ACE selection officers to jointly select 3C good products for consumers. Compared with 618, Suning e-buy 818 president live lineup more “moat” China, once again highlight Suning easy buy 3C unshakable home position. < p > < p > < p > the brand leader takes the goods personally, has formed a brand-new atmosphere. First, it can face-to-face with consumers and shorten the distance with users. For example, glory Zhao Ming is very concerned about the consumer experience. During the live broadcast of Suning, he interpreted the product performance and the advantages and selling points very carefully. He also selected suitable mobile phones for different groups based on his own experience in deep use in different scenes. Xiaomi Wang xiaoyanhao drew mobile phones and paid 10000 yuan for free, which made netizens’ people-friendly and interesting comments. “Powder powder powder” has been played in the barrage one after another. “Believe in the eyes of the president, order!” Consumers communicate directly with brand executives through bullet screen. Behind the behavior of brand leaders is also the character of the brand, and their affinity has won a good reputation for the brand. < / P > < p > in addition, brand leaders have entered Suning e-buy live studio, which is also a new starting point for the cooperation and upgrading of both sides. During the period of 818, not only did Yu Chengdong, Rongwang class and other brand executives of Huawei visited Suning and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Suning e-buy also helped the brand sales increase through multiple channels through professional super buyer live room and super new product plan. Suning e-buy 818 and 3C head brand strong alliance, together for the industry and consumers to bring two-way good. < / P > < p > with the support of brand leaders who come to Suning e-buy live broadcast with goods and super show top stars, Suning e-buy 818 sales and brand performance both set new records. It is understood that in the first eight minutes of August 18, the sales of apple, Midea, Huawei, Gree, Lenovo, Haier and Xiaomi were the first to exceed 100 million. Compared with the live broadcast of Star Online celebrities, the impact of live broadcasting on consumers, brand value, supply chain and channel is more profound. < p > < p > at 19:30 p.m. on August 18, Suning e-buy 8183c scramjet live broadcast will end the battle, and WAN Zhiqiang, the person in charge of Meizu’s science and technology marketing center, will make the final appearance. What kind of good price goods will Meizu wanzhiqiang bring to consumers, what brand stories will be told in the live broadcast room, and what sparks will be created with consumers? Pay attention to the live broadcast of self operated flagship store of Meizu in Suning, and let’s watch! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!