Go home and take photos

Although my hometown is a rural area, it is very beautiful. If you take photos under good light conditions, the photos you take don’t need the later stage at all, and they are very beautiful when they are straight out. In particular, the effect of light beam formed through the forest is very beautiful, and it is very good to shoot. < / P > < p > I wanted to take some pictures of people beating millet, but I had no time to take them all day long. I only took a few pictures of the field in the early morning, and the warm light shining on the field was very beautiful. < / P > < p > of course, when you go back to the countryside, you have to climb to the top of the mountain to take photos. The mountains at sunrise / sunset are very beautiful. In addition to directly photographing the light of the sun, you can also use the grass on the top of the mountain to set off the sunrise / sunset. < / P > < p > conclusion: in the first few years of work, I only went back to my hometown during the Chinese New Year. I went back to my hometown for a few days at a time. Unconsciously, I almost forgot what spring, summer and autumn were like in my hometown. So in the past two years, I will go back to my hometown as long as I have time. First, I will go home to see my relatives. Second, I want to see my hometown more and record the scenery with my camera. Now more and more young people go out to work, and some old people stay at home. I don’t know who will go back to the countryside after our generation, while their relatives are still there and the village is still more. Science Discovery