Gome Jingdong cooperation re upgrading: launching the largest scale joint procurement of China’s household appliance industry will reshape the new pattern of home appliance retail industry

On August 10, Gome and Jingdong jointly announced the launch of a 30 billion yuan joint procurement plan. This is the largest procurement of home appliances and consumer electronics industry initiated by retail platform this year. Wang Junzhou, President of Gome retail, told reporters: “after two months of operation, the cooperation between Gome and Jingdong is very smooth. Both sides will connect the two businesses through capital, and then the business of both sides will be further coordinated. This cooperation is the core step of Gome’s in-depth cooperation with JD. It will reduce costs and increase efficiency through large-scale procurement, and reshape the new pattern of home appliance retail industry. ” According to the data released by China Institute of electronic information industry development, Gome Jingdong has accumulated 34.5% of the total market share of China’s household appliances, that is, more than one-third of the market share, holding the initiative in purchasing. < / P > < p > “for retail giants, joint purchasing is the combination of marketing, supply chain and other important resources. The cooperation between Gome and jd.com is huge, which takes place between the entity and e-commerce giants. It is a typical case of the retail industry from competition to competition. This time, the two sides further explore the new development pattern of the industry, which is the most spectacular channel alliance of home appliances and consumer electronics in China. Both sides also intend to further strengthen their discourse power in the industrial chain through joint procurement. ” Senior director of paler consulting company Luo Qingqi said in an interview. < / P > < p > in fact, under the strategic “marriage”, Gome and Jingdong have launched in-depth cooperation in many fields this year. On March 13, Gome’s official flagship store officially settled in Jingdong, opening the prelude of strategic cooperation between the two sides. Just 70 days later, Jingdong group made strategic investment in Gome retail and subscribed for overseas convertible bonds issued by Gome retail with us $100 million. < / P > < p > data shows that the sales of Gome’s official flagship stores in Jingdong continue to grow rapidly. The sales data of Jingdong Gome’s official flagship store in May increased by 1040% month on month, an increase of more than 10 times. In the first half of the year, Gmv of Gome in Jingdong platform is expected to grow more than 100 times. < / P > < p > the two sides then started closer cooperation and continued integration. Since July, Jingdong’s self operated department stores began to settle in Gome and promote sales in super live broadcast. This makes Gome platform department stores continue to increase the types of goods, sales rapidly enlarge, and the integration effect is highlighted. It is reported that more than 20000 SKU of general merchandise have been put on the shelves, and Jingdong Logistics is responsible for the distribution. Liang Zhenpeng, chief consultant of Zhifan coastal marketing planning agency, said in an interview: “in the early days, both sides were only open platforms, and capital docking became the first step of deep integration. Now Gome and Jingdong have further strengthened the integration of goods, services and logistics, and realized the two-way supply chain system output, which can be said to be the deepest cooperation in the history of retail Make. Gome Jingdong has become the largest retail channel for home appliance suppliers in China. The exclusive sales, customization and joint procurement have enhanced the discourse power and competitiveness to a certain extent. ” According to insiders of Jingdong, at present, Jingdong has introduced department stores and FMCG supply chain into Gome channel, and Gome’s medium and high-end products, customized products and exclusive sales products have settled in Jingdong. At the same time, both sides open up services and share logistics. < / P > < p > “Gome’s business map will continue to improve with the support of JD, quickly start more non home appliance businesses, reduce time cost, and form new performance growth points. Gome and JD are now jointly exploring joint procurement, which will drive the retail industry into the c2m era. The strategic cooperation between Gome and Jingdong will continue to upgrade, accelerate the iteration of the operation system of both sides, and seize the development opportunity of retail in the new era. ” Gome said to reporters. < p > < p > Liang Zhenpeng said that the joint purchase between Gome and Jingdong is the largest procurement action in the industry in recent years. Under a number of national policies to promote economic stability and recovery, this joint procurement can boost the business confidence of enterprises and stimulate the market vitality of the industry, which is of great significance to the development of the whole industrial chain of household appliances and consumer electronics. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?