Gome Jingdong’s 30 billion joint procurement reshapes the industry pattern

Following Gome’s introduction of Jingdong strategic investment, on August 10, the cooperation between the two retail giants was further deepened, and a joint procurement plan of 30 billion yuan was launched in Beijing, making new contributions to boosting consumption, helping social and economic recovery and upgrading consumption together with first-line brand manufacturers in the industry. < p > < p > Xu Dongsheng, vice president of China Household Appliances Association, Wang Junzhou, President of Gome retail, Yan Xiaobing, senior vice president of Jingdong group / President of 3C household appliance retail business group of Jingdong retail group, Yu Zhitao, vice president of Hisense Group / President of Hisense video technology, Zheng Wenhe, President of Consumer Electronics Department of Samsung Electronics in Greater China, and Wang Wei, vice president and chief sales officer of Boshi household appliances Qing, Cheng Chuanling, vice general manager of Haier China / marketing general manager of Haier Zhijia ecological platform, Zhang Keqiang, vice president of glory China, Wu Dinggang, general manager of Changhong Meiling in China, and Jiabin, famous manufacturing brands such as Midea, Skyworth, TCL, Gree, Jiuyang, sharp and Huawei, attended the signing ceremony. Wang Junzhou said that the strategic cooperation between Gome and jd.com is a further upgrading and deepening on the solid foundation of previous series cooperation. Through the further integration of supply chain, flow, service and other advantageous resources of both sides, we will continue to bring high-quality products and services to users, and work together to win a better life. < / P > < p > it is reported that this joint purchase not only covers traditional household electricity such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen and bathroom appliances, but also includes emerging Internet red trend commodities such as small household appliances and 3C, with an accumulated amount of 30 billion yuan. In terms of TV, led by new technologies such as OLED, laser TV, 8K, quantum dots and other new technologies, 2.1 million TV sets have been jointly purchased by both sides, of which 78.6% are 55 inch and 65 inch size TV, 140000 are OLED TV and 80000 are laser TV. A total of 2 million sets of multi door large capacity refrigerators and large capacity drum washing machines are jointly purchased to improve the quality of life. With the implementation of new energy efficiency standards for air conditioning, 3.6 million sets of new energy efficiency air conditioners will be installed in the two platforms in this joint procurement. In addition, a million popular products, such as dishwashers and embedded kitchen appliances, which are loved by young people, are also on the purchase list. < / P > < p > as the “booster” of a better life, small household appliances include Midea, Jiuyang, Dyson and many other first-line brands, with a joint purchase volume of 10 million units, of which kitchen small appliances account for 60%. Apple, Huawei, glory and Xiaomi, four brands of mobile phones with market share in the forefront and loved by consumers, jointly purchased 1 million sets. In addition, 785000 sets of products in various categories, such as notebook computers, commercial desktop computers, smart wear, smart home, photography, video entertainment and office learning products, were purchased. < / P > < p > through the 30 billion yuan joint purchase, Gome and Jingdong jointly created a win-win situation. Yan Xiaobing said that Jingdong and Gome have been committed to creating the maximum value for consumers and partners, and regard improving industrial efficiency as their industry mission. This year’s epidemic situation not only affects the home appliance market, but also gives us new opportunities. This joint purchase will effectively open up all aspects of production, distribution, circulation and consumption, comprehensively improve efficiency and bring more abundant goods and experience to consumers. < / P > < p > in the post epidemic era, what the industry needs is a development pattern of integration and sharing. The supply chain system interconnection, logistics service sharing, flow co construction and mutual empowerment of Gome and Jingdong are needed, and they extend to the upstream supply chain. Through the big data analysis of Gome and Jingdong consumption and strong digital product selection ability, brand manufacturers can realize precise customized production, enhance the market competitiveness of purchased products, and promote the realization of high-quality development. < p > < p > Yu Zhitao said that Gome Jingdong’s joint procurement provided Hisense with new marketing opportunities, helping enterprises focus on user needs and continuously promote innovation. Through joint procurement, more consumers will experience our high-quality goods and services in the future, and promote the common development of the industry. Hisense will fully cooperate to provide Gome and Jingdong with more high-quality and differentiated products. Since the beginning of this year, Gome has been cooperating with Jingdong frequently, combining online and offline strengths, and comprehensively cooperating with a number of businesses. On March 13, Gome’s official flagship store settled in Jingdong, and its sales performance improved steadily; on May 28, Gome introduced Jingdong as a strategic partner in the form of convertible bonds, which further deepened the cooperative relationship; a large number of Gome’s offline medium and high-end products, customized products and exclusive sales products were launched on the Jingdong platform, and Jingdong platform products were also online sold on Gome app, bringing consumers with To enrich the products and experience; Gome created a number of super live broadcast on Jingdong platform synchronously. According to the data released by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, the overall retail sales of China’s home appliance industry in the first half of the year was 369 billion yuan, down 14.13% year-on-year. However, with the gradual introduction of the national economic stability policy, enterprises actively seek development, the recovery of household appliances market is better. Gome and Jingdong jointly launched a large-scale joint procurement of 30 billion yuan, which accelerated the positive cycle of the industrial chain, and was of great significance to promote the stable development of the industry and economic recovery. Xu Dongsheng said that the cooperation between Gome and Jingdong has played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry. Both sides build the largest sales and purchasing platform through the integration of online and offline, so that consumers can freely choose consumption scenarios according to their preferences. In the first half of this year, the epidemic situation reduced the communication between home appliance manufacturers and consumers. With the help of the platforms of both sides, major brand manufacturers can contact consumers closely, pass on the industry value to consumers, improve product sales and promote consumption upgrading. Liang Zhenpeng, a senior industry economic observer, said that the cooperation between Gome and Jingdong is getting deeper and deeper. This joint purchase shows a closer binding between the two sides at the strategic level, and also injects a boost to the development of the industry under the market downturn. With an open and integrated attitude, the two sides have worked together with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to tide over difficulties and help maintain economic stability. At the same time, this joint procurement is also the largest procurement action of retail platform for home appliances and consumer electronics products in recent years. Under the epidemic situation, the consumption demand of residents has been affected, and expanding domestic demand has become the strategic basis of national economic development. At present, with the continuous improvement of China’s epidemic prevention and control situation and the implementation of various policies, domestic demand is stepping up. This joint procurement of Gome Jingdong is an active exploration and assistance to the strategy of expanding domestic demand. Wang Junzhou said that the signing of the joint procurement contract between Gome and Jingdong is another important action to deepen the cooperation between the two sides. The strategic cooperation between the two sides has already covered the whole value chain of capital, flow, supply chain, logistics, purchase and sales to service. This joint procurement will not only further consolidate the foundation of cooperation between the two sides, but also promote the development of the industry and strive for a win-win situation for the industry. At the same time, it will also help to boost the enthusiasm of the consumer market and jointly contribute to stable economic growth. It is believed that the cooperation between the two sides will be more, broader and deeper, bringing more and better help and contribution to both sides, partners, consumers and society, and make joint efforts for China’s economic development and the construction of a better life for the people. New product launch