Good bye to Huawei + Unicorn + Symantec

In the past two years, despite technological innovation and progress, all major brands have achieved certain growth. Huawei, a relatively large manufacturer, even has a strong influence in the international mobile phone market, and has truly become an international giant. At present, many consumers are also more concerned about Huawei, so whenever there is news of Huawei 5g new machine, the popularity of Huawei brand will rise. However, recently, Huawei mate 40pro mobile phone was exposed. So what has Huawei prepared for consumers this time? < p > < p > more detailed is the core hardware of the mobile phone. Huawei mate40pro is built with Kirin 9000 processor and TSMC 5-nanometer technology. The CPU adopts a new architecture, and the power consumption is reduced by 20%. Secondly, the system will also be replaced by its own Hongmeng system. Huawei mate40pro will be equipped with Hongmeng OS. Based on the micro kernel architecture, it belongs to a new operating platform, and its stability is better than that of Android system. Endurance is the most improved part. Huawei mate40pro uses a 4800 Ma battery with 100W wired fast charging. < / P > < p > has always been in the leading camera configuration. Huawei mate40pro is upgraded to a new stage. It adopts five photo sensitive Leica cameras, 80 megapixel main camera + 80 million pixel movie camera + 30 million pixel long focus + 20 million pixel portrait + 3D depth camera. It is learned that ryyb sensors are added to the main camera, film camera head and telephoto, while the special portrait camera supports 50 digits Zoom. The information on the screen is the least. This time Huawei mate40pro will adopt a 6.78 inch AMOLED screen, which is owned by BOE, and supports wide color gamut display. < / P > < p > although there are frequent news of new machines in the mobile phone market, the configuration of Huawei mate40pro is obvious to all. Even some new machines exposed in the market are not competitors of Huawei mate40pro. This time, Huawei mate40pro has been replaced with a new Hongmeng system, which will bring the ultimate experience to consumers. It is expected that Huawei mate40pro will reach a new height. Now many netizens have said: goodbye, Huawei p40pro. In addition, Huawei mate40pro also heard about the price. The starting price of the mobile phone is 5400 yuan. What do you think of this price? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?