Good news from Samsung, 5g new machine broke 11 records in one breath, but sales in China were dismal

Samsung has taken the lead in the flagship battle in the second half of 2020. On August 5, Samsung launched two models of note20 series.

recently, good news came from Samsung. Samsung note20 ultra broke 11 records in one breath. It is reported that displaymate released the test results of Samsung note20 ultra screen, and gave a + score, setting the highest display performance level of display mate in the history of display mate. Therefore, the screen quality of Samsung note20 ultra can be rated as textbook level.

Samsung displays have always been recognized as the first-class level in the industry. Even iPhones mostly use Samsung displays, but Samsung note20 ultra obviously doesn’t hold Samsung back. According to the official introduction, Samsung note20 ultra carries a 6.9-inch OLED display with 3088 * 1440 resolution and high refresh rate of 120Hz.

it should be noted that the premise of obtaining the in display rating of the evaluation agency a + is that the average absolute color accuracy and the average absolute color accuracy of the picture must all be less than 1.0 jncd, and the maximum color error must be less than 3.0 jncd, while the Samsung note20 ultra has the highest absolute color accuracy of 0.5 jncd.

in addition, the peak brightness of the Samsung note20 ultra screen reaches 1609nit and the normal brightness is 1037nit. It supports 108% dci-p3 wide color gamut display and hdr10 + display. Although Samsung didn’t focus on screen quality when it was released, it’s clear that Samsung’s note20 ultra screen still maintains an ultra-high standard.

in fact, in addition to this screen, other configurations of Samsung note20 ultra are also very outstanding. This machine is equipped with snapdragon 865 plus processor, which is the most powerful processor in Android phones, and its performance fully meets the standard of high-end flagship. Samsung note20 ultra also has a 4500mAh battery and 45W fast charging.

in terms of image system, Samsung note20 ultra has a main camera with 108 million pixels in the rear, and a 12 million pixel long focus lens as the auxiliary camera. In other aspects, Samsung note20 ultra adopts glass body and Ag technology, supports IP68 waterproof and dust-proof, and has s pen pen pen pen, which makes the hardware configuration perfect.

but the sales of this nearly perfect Samsung flagship in the Chinese market are dismal. Judging from the pre-sale situation of Jingdong platform, there are only 1773 Samsung note20 ultra reserved at present. The main reason is that the price of the machine is too high. The price of the 12gb + 256gb version of Samsung note20 ultra reaches 9199 yuan, which most consumers can’t afford.

compared with Samsung note20 ultra, the configuration of domestic android flagship is also excellent, but the price is almost half of that, such as Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition. Therefore, in the face of huge price differences, consumers do not choose Samsung note20 Ultra. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia