Good news from Xiaomi! 816 Lei Jun personally assists, flagship mobile phone attracts rice noodles’ attention

In August, I thought that the new aircraft would be released a little faster, but it seems to be just getting hot. On the one hand, friends who change phones say that there are too many new mobile phones and don’t know what to choose. On the other hand, they have to wait and see other new phones to compare. August is still very important for Xiaomi, especially 816, which is also the day when Lei Jun continues to “meet and chat” with rice noodles after August 11, because the story of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary still has a long way to go. < / P > < p > 816, such a number is actually familiar to many early millet enthusiasts, especially the MIUI operating system in China. Under the domestic android optimization, geeks at that time were really mobile phone enthusiasts. They did not have the current “rice circle” culture and hostility, but simply improved the functions of the system. MIUI has always been the soul of Xiaomi mobile phone, and also the solid foundation for Xiaomi mobile phone 1 design from software at the beginning of its establishment. < p > < p > 816 Lei Jun also began to try to carry out live delivery for the first time, chatting about products and stories, and talking about better prices. Many rice noodles have already squatted in advance and intend to harvest some food tonight. In addition, the first sale of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition has also attracted new attention. The first sale of RMB 400 million in 10 minutes is not easy in this environment this year. Many rice noodles began to discuss millet 10 pro and millet 10 super large cup, which is more worth starting with? The performance of the design configuration needs to be compared, but the back design represents the high level of Xiaomi in the past. The bright silver, transparent and ceramic recognition are still very high. There is also the 120 times zoom lens. It is said that Xiaomi’s 100 million pixel camera new mobile phones will appear. < p > < p > MIUI 12 continues to be updated steadily. Many rice noodles are still very comfortable after being used for a period of time. It is also the strongest operating system at present, both in animation effect and in fluency. It is suggested that the flagship Xiaomi model should experience it first. Although the MIUI 12 will start pushing the third batch of models immediately, it still occupies a certain amount of memory space. Of course, the stable version is still worth experiencing. MIUI 12 has started to push. This time, only the camera is optimized. The image quality and power consumption of the camera are optimized. It is also necessary to stabilize Xiaomi’s position as a photographer. But this time, only the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition has the right, and even Xiaomi 10 Pro has no news. < / P > < p > as the number one mobile phone in DxO mobile phone photo taking, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is indeed no surprise. In the first half of the year, it is an opportunity for Xiaomi 10 pro to perform, and it will naturally change in the second half of the year. Xiaomi camera department team is also under the special approval of Lei Jun for careful polishing, for the ranking can be underestimated, but reference is still necessary. For DxO camera firmware update needs to wait for a period of time, after all, ordinary users of Xiaomi mobile phone optimization push is different. < p > < p > Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary is actually the 10th anniversary of MIUI’s maturity. Lei Jun’s road to entrepreneurship is restarted. The new partners of Xiaomi also show that Xiaomi has a greater and further determination. The 10th anniversary is a relatively long period for an enterprise. It will take more than 10 years and 100 years to become bigger and stronger. Maybe it is because I dug a hole for myself. Many people said that Xiaomi needs to go for a long time to become a century old enterprise. This shape, this momentum, the jeans, how young and handsome! Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction