Good news! Huawei launched a special plane to Taiwan and shipped back 120 million Kirin chips!

On September 10, Huawei held a full scene chip conference, releasing new products such as notebook computer matebook X and wireless headset freedus. However, in such a full scene press conference, only the heavyweight product did not appear – Huawei mate 40 pro, which is also Huawei’s flagship model of the year, will be used to benchmark Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro max. As for the reason why Huawei did not release mate 40 pro in this press conference, it is also very simple. Huawei is waiting for the latest progress of tomorrow’s chip ban, which will affect Huawei’s mobile phones to the future. Now Huawei does not dare to raise the price of Huawei mobile phones that have already been released, nor does it dare to release new Huawei mobile phones easily. < / P > < p > after the ban on chips was issued, the chip industry chain giants such as TSMC, MediaTek, Samsung, Hynix and micron announced to stop cooperation with Huawei one after another, which undoubtedly has a huge impact on Huawei, and this is what trump wants to achieve – to put Huawei’s mobile phones in a desperate situation. However, things are not progressing as trump predicted. Although these giants are unable to cooperate with Huawei, they are constantly submitting applications in the hope of resuming their long-standing cooperation with Huawei. Qualcomm is also one of the most active members. They do not want to lose Huawei as a big customer. The US media also analyzed that the ban on chips will have a huge impact on the US semiconductor industry, making the chips of us semiconductor giants unsalable, and even curbing the development of the US semiconductor industry. < / P > < p > although Huawei has encountered a chip ban, there is also good news! According to well-known digital bloggers and semiconductor industry insiders, Huawei has sent a special plane to Taiwan to transport Kirin chips reserved for TSMC. It is reported that there are 120 million Kirin chips in total. Although Huawei has sold nearly 200 million mobile phones in a year, the 120 million chips are enough for Huawei to use for more than half a year. In addition, other low-end Huawei mobile phones can also consider using Kirin chips with lower manufacturing process, which is enough for a whole year under optimistic conditions. < / P > < p > previously, analyst Guo Mingzhen even thought that Huawei would withdraw from the mobile phone market because of the ban. Now it seems that the situation is not so bad, and the 120 million chips give Huawei enough time. Of course, the manufacturing process of chips is still the biggest problem at present, and Huawei still needs some time to solve it. Academician Ni Guangnan also said that China has a mature 28nm technology, which can meet the needs of most fields, but it can not meet the needs of high-end electronic devices such as mobile phones. China is also accelerating the pace of 14nm and 7Nm technology. < / P > < p > although Huawei’s mobile phone chips have encountered difficulties, many netizens still choose to support Huawei, and even say that they will use mate 30 Pro for another three or five years until Huawei’s mobile phone gets through the difficulties. It has to be said that at such a time, everyone is wholeheartedly supporting domestic products. In the next few years, will you choose Huawei Mobile? Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer