Good news on Saturday! Apple mobile phone updates in time to solve a big pain point for users

In November, it is estimated that all kinds of news will tell you that it is time to change your mobile phone, because the best discount will be given. There are a lot of manufacturers struggling for 11.11. They wanted to wait for Huawei mate 40 series to change their mobile phones. However, Huawei avoided the double 11 and double 12 waves perfectly. This makes users who want to feel the last flagship of Kirin feel a little pain. After all, every time the product is delivered, it will not have the result in tens of seconds. < / P > < p > the users who like iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are estimated to have started the first batch of experience. After all, new machines are bought early and enjoy early, and both online and offline Apple stores are overcrowded. < / P > < p > so no matter what the Apple phone looks like, what the configuration is, whether the service life of the configuration is reduced or not, users still pay attention to this brand. Recently, many users want to trade in the old iPhone x for the new one. < / P > < p > many iPhone 12 users are the first to get started. In fact, the right angle frame is very familiar, so they are used to it. After all, users who like iPhone know about iPhone 4 long ago. In fact, there is no problem in taking photos. The parameters of online comparison are not as good as taking photos at your own time. The effect is really real and optimized. The users who get it will definitely be the first to upgrade the system. The advantage of IOS is that it is smooth and stable. IOS 14 is also the strong responsibility of Apple mobile phone. The system that has always thought that there will be no problem has turned over in these two days. Before the release of iPhone 12, IOS 14 was very good, and the official version had been stable before the release of iPhone 12. Unexpectedly, the frequent pop-up of IOS 14.2 beta 4 devices also made many apple phones suffer frequent attacks. I thought that there was no new feature waiting for a big move in IOS 14 this week. At this time, it can be said that this is a sudden single moth, so that users who just got the iPhone 12 are flattered. There are also some problems with Apple’s airpods Pro recently. Some users can replace them, and some small hum and vibration sounds that originally thought they were just earphones began to expand. It seems that quality control is not only a system problem, but also a hardware problem. It is expected that apple can repair it well. < / P > < p > fortunately, the emergency repair was made on Saturday. IOS 14.2 GM arrived, and the previous pop-up window problem was repaired, which was a timely stop loss. As the version number of the GM version should be the same as that of the official version, users who have upgraded the GM version may not receive the update prompt of the official version after the official version is updated, so they need to swipe the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the update, so as not to affect the normal work, study and use. For the iPhone 12mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max that will be on sale, cook, you can’t make any mistakes. The domestic market share has begun to shrink. Although the iPhone 11 is selling well, it can’t always be. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?