Goodbye, iPhone 12! Sorry, you let us down!

Apple’s launch has been held as scheduled, but it’s a pity that the iPhone 12 didn’t show up. There are many reasons why the iPhone 12 didn’t appear in the press conference. A large part of the reason is that there are many new products in the apple conference, and apple mainly promotes iPad air4 and apple watch S6 equipped with A14 bionic processor. In order to avoid the iPhone 12 from taking the lead in the conference, it did not plan to include the iPhone 12 in the new product launch. However, this time, the iPhone 12 may be disappointing. The reason for the disappointment is not only that the iPhone 12 has missed tickets, but also the performance of the new A14 bionic processor. < p > < p > according to the statistics of AnandTech, the performance of the A14 bionic processor, the world’s first 5-nanometer process processor, has not been greatly improved, or it is not as strong as Apple’s official propaganda in the press conference. The previous generation of iPad air 4 with A14 bionic processor is iPad air3, while iPad air3 is the next generation Apple processor A12 bionic processor. In other words, Apple’s official launch was to compare the performance of Apple’s A14 bionic processor with Apple’s A12 bionic processor, rather than with the A13 bionic processor. According to AnandTech, foreign media, apple officially said that A14’s CPU is using a new generation of high-performance core and a new small energy-saving kernel, but still in a 2 + 4 configuration. Apple claimed here that the CPU performance has been improved by 40%. However, apple did not clearly indicate whether the 40% improvement refers to the single threaded performance, multi-threaded performance, and whether it is suitable for large or small cores. However, since we know that the 40% improvement refers to the results of A14 bionic processor and A12 bionic processor, then A13 bionic processor has been improved by 40% It has been claimed to be 20% better than A12, so A14 is about 16% faster than A13 if Apple’s performance measures remain unchanged. < p > < p > another conclusion can be drawn from the same calculation method. A14 bionic processor adds 4 GPU cores, and its performance is improved by 30% compared with A12 bionic processor. However, the performance of A14 bionic processor is only 8.3% higher than that of A13 bionic processor. For GPU performance improvement, the 8.3% upgrade rate is negligible. The new 5-nanometer A14 processor has 11.8 billion transistors, an increase of 38% compared with the previous generation A13, which contained 8.5 billion transistors. In addition, it is strange that apple did not mention the specific power or power efficiency improvement of A14 bionic processor at all. When Apple’s A12 and A13 processors were released, power and energy consumption indicators were publicized as selling points. < / P > < p > 5 nano technology Apple A14 processor performance in the actual use experience, or the actual performance improvement, A14 compared with A13, whether there is a qualitative leap, still need to wait for the iPad air4 officially launched after the actual experience. However, judging from the jump ticket behavior of the iPhone 12 and the performance improvement performance of the A14, the iPhone 12 is really disappointing, and the original high enthusiasm has been eroded bit by bit. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine