Google CEO defends monopoly: digital advertising offers consumers more choices and “intentionally” builds Android to encourage competition

CNBC said on July 29 that Google CEO Sandel petraey will defend the company at a congressional hearing on Wednesday, saying that Google provides a competitive platform to reduce advertiser prices and provide consumers with more choices.

in his published speech, Mr. picchay pointed out: “the existence of a competitive digital advertising market provides publishers, advertisers and consumers with a large number of choices. For example, advertising competition from twitter, instagram, Comcast and other companies has contributed to a 40% reduction in online advertising costs over the past decade, which benefits consumers through lower prices. ”

reported that Google is still the largest digital advertising platform in terms of market share. Last year, Google accounted for 31.6% of total digital advertising spending, while Facebook and Amazon accounted for 22.7% and 7.8% respectively, according to emarketer.

the most common criticism of Google is whether the company’s policies favor its own products and whether it suppresses competitors through its dominance in search and digital advertising. Google has faced fines from the European Commission’s competition authorities for shopping search tools and Android mobile operating systems. In a prepared speech, Mr. picchay said the company “intentionally” built its shopping search tool and Android operating system to encourage competition.

Author: zmhuaxia