Google new way! Android operating system “apple”, non Huawei mobile phone OS upgrade should be careful!

Introduction: on August 19, according to Android police, Android 11, the latest version of Android operating system, will block the rights of third-party camera applications to respond and capture pictures and videos. Users can only use the default camera. what do you mean? For example, if you want to take photos on Weibo, wechat or QQ for sharing, you can also choose other third-party cameras with filters, but now, you can only choose the system camera by default.

in other words, the current Android operating system has begun to add some restrictions, and it is no longer as open and free as before. Third party camera applications to get permission again, it is estimated that they need to go some evil ways! But according to the qubit report, this restriction of Android 11 is so strict that it even prevents third-party developers from simulating the function of camera picker in their own way.

in other words, if your Android phone wants to carry out the “beauty” filter before sending friends or news, you need to directly use the third-party camera software to take pictures, and then publish them through wechat or microblog. Therefore, when non Huawei mobile phones upgrade the new Android 11 operating system, you need to be careful of this change!

this kind of change does not seem to cause much trouble to users who always use the default camera, but this little restriction is enough to make us aware that Android has begun to “apple” and is no longer the once free and open mobile operating system. In the future, Android operating system restrictions may gradually increase. On the contrary, apple is gradually moving towards supporting customization.

Google officials said the move is to better protect users’ privacy. In fact, there is a reason for this. Because of the openness of Android, many applications can be downloaded and installed directly through the web, which gives many illegal software an opportunity to take advantage of. If you use a certain beauty filter camera, perhaps your face information, location information has already disappeared.

as the temporary license of the US Department of Commerce for Huawei expired on August 13, Google and other service providers will not be able to continue to cooperate with Huawei.

Netcom, the Android operating system on Huawei mobile phones will not be able to be upgraded or even directly cut off the power supply. In response, Huawei’s customer service for consumer business said in response to domestic media inquiries that Huawei mobile phones with GMS pre installed can still download and update applications through other channels. But for Xinhua mobile phones without GMS pre installed, Google’s corresponding software will not be available.

Huawei mobile phone users without GMS pre installed can obtain application and security updates through Huawei app store. For mainland users, software application is not a problem, but can the Android based Huawei emui operating system security update really keep pace with Google’s security update?

at present, Huawei may not be able to obtain the right to use the new Android 11. However, if there is no android 11, Huawei’s mobile phone operating system will not be affected by third-party camera permissions, which is a good thing!

but with the continuous development of technology, all kinds of security vulnerabilities will appear in the old Android system. Once Android 11 cannot be used, Huawei’s “Hongmeng” mobile phone is a long-term solution. However, the United States upgraded the ban on Huawei’s 38 related subsidiaries, forcing Huawei to have no chips available. It should be noted that the power cut off is not only the processor chip, but also the memory chip and communication chip. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia