Google, which is still blocking Huawei, has finally been cleaned up

In 1996, two unknown college students in Stanford University completed their own project experiment with the servers donated by Intel and IBM. Soon, their system spread among alumni. Because students can easily complete information retrieval, which greatly improves the efficiency. < / P > < p > now when it comes to it, people may think of no longer the artifact that helped countless alumni, but the industry giant with illegal monopoly and declining search quality. Recently, the U.S. Department of justice has been looking at this company, which once took “don’t do evil” as its corporate creed. The cause is also monopoly, but the penalty may no longer be a fine, but forced to split up. A few days ago, the U.S. Department of justice and 11 states filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing it of taking advantage of its market monopoly to maintain its monopoly on Internet search and online advertising. It is true that < / P > < p > but the early industry competition is still benign. When the Internet is not fully popularized, the focus of business is to expand new users. < / P > < p > as you all know, this search service has been free ever since Larry and Sergey started building Google’s predecessor, backbub, in college. < p > < p > under this premise, Google must constantly seek to expand its user scale. Only by covering more consumers can we get bigger orders from advertisers. According to the indictment, Google will first take a series of measures to deliberately reduce the freedom of developers and firmly control Android in its own hands. < / P > < p > this anti branching protocol explicitly prohibits developers from developing or distributing non compliant Android versions. Not only mobile phone systems, such as tablet systems and television systems, are limited. < / P > < p > if mobile phone manufacturers want to use Android, they have to leave it to Google. Of course you don’t have to, but there are few options in this area. < / P > < p > because Google search occupies an absolute dominant position in the market, its service is particularly important for apple, which has not developed its own search engine. < / P > < p > and in order to consolidate this revenue, the default search engine used in Apple Safari is Google. Apple also doesn’t give any hints that users can change their search engines. < / P > < p > all the agreements mentioned by Ji Ge correspond to severe penalty for breach of contract, which makes Google in a more active position in excluding competitors. < / P > < p > that is to say, the various agreements mentioned above may be overturned with the enforcement of the judgment results. If serious, the smartphone market may also usher in a reshuffle. < / P > < p > and in an internal Google email, the current CEO of Google even said that this kind of censorship is nothing new to Google, just do what is at hand. However, the same lawsuit happened to Microsoft 20 years ago. Although it still faces monopoly quality control, now Microsoft is still the industry giant. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine