Google will change its app evaluation system and stop jumping to the app store

It home, August 7, according to the news on the Android Developer blog, Google will introduce an in app evaluation API for Android applications, so that users can more easily participate in the application evaluation process. < / P > < p > to put it simply, users who score applications before will be automatically transferred to Google play app store. However, the new approach is that users can receive a window in the currently used app, and all ratings and star ratings are completed in the window. < / P > < p > the it home learned that for users who are busy or don’t want to participate in the evaluation, the API also has an upper limit setting. If the user chooses to ignore, it can theoretically avoid sustained pop-up window bombardment. However, it is not clear how the user should refuse to receive the pop-up window again. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!