GoPro hero9 black officially released; new Huawei Nova 7 se network access

Hello everyone, this is “Technology V” and I’m geek Fengyun. According to the latest foreign media reports, Apple will bring airpods studio headphones, which have been widely reported for a long time, at the iPhone 12 conference next month, which will enrich the product line of airpods. < / P > < p > it is reported that Apple has developed at least two airpods studio at the same time, one of which uses leather and the other is sports. The source exposed the appearance rendering of the Leather Premium Edition. According to the picture, airpods studio has mesh ear pads and the shell is made of metal and leather. However, for the sports version exposed online, many netizens said that it was really too ugly. Compared with the similar products of Sony and Bose, the design was not a bit worse. It is reported that airpods studio will also have many custom options, including interchangeable parts such as magnetic headbands and earmuffs. I don’t know if this airpods device will sell well! < / P > < p > with the approaching of Tesla battery day on September 22, more and more attention has been paid to Tesla new batteries on the Internet. Recently, some overseas netizens exposed pictures of Tesla’s new battery on social media. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the picture, Tesla’s new battery cell is of circular structure, and can reduce the cost of battery to $100 / kWh. At the same time, the battery may be named biscuit box. < / P > < p > these batteries will be produced in Austin super factory and will be used in cybertruck pickup trucks, semi trucks, and locally produced models 3 and y. Of course, before the start of battery day, no one can be sure where Tesla’s new battery is. < p > < p > musk said last week that “battery day will reveal a lot of exciting things”. I don’t know if it refers to new batteries. Let’s wait and see! < / P > < p > in appearance, the front of the new machine adopts a new 1.4-inch color display screen and a 2.27-inch touch screen on the back. At the same time, the removed lens of the previous generation is back on the fuselage. If you use Max lens, you can get 155 ° wide-angle experience and 2.7K stable video. < / P > < p > the battery design adopts a new detachable battery, which is 1720mah, and the battery life is increased by 30%. In addition, in terms of function, the new product supports hypersmooth super anti shake 3.0, built-in horizon correction function, and supports 30 second video pre recording, timing shooting, limited time shooting and live photo modes. < p > < p > can also realize 1080p live video. The price of the new camera is 3498 yuan. Now it is on sale. As a sports camera, do you really need to update it every year? Today, Sony released the xperia5 II, which focuses on photography and video, and is cheaper than Xperia 1 II. It will be on sale on September 29, starting at $950, or about RMB 6430. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, the machine adopts 6.5 inch 21:9 OLED screen, supports HDR, video frame insertion and creator mode, supports 120Hz high refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate. Equipped with high pass snapdragon 865 processor, supplemented by 8GB + 256gb memory combination. < / P > < p > the built-in 4000mAh battery supports 18W wired fast charging and does not support wireless charging. Support IP68 dustproof and waterproof, 5g network, NFC, side fingerprint and independent shutter button. In terms of photographing, Sony Xperia 5 II mobile phone adopts a rear three camera design, which is composed of 12 megapixel main camera + 12 million pixel super wide angle lens + 12 million pixel long focus lens, with 8 million camera in front. < p > < p > at present, Sony Xperia official wechat has announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on September 19. At that time, the Bank of China Version of Sony Xperia 5 II is likely to meet with us. Looking forward to the small partners of the machine might as well pay attention to the price of the Bank of China! < p > < p > last week, it was reported that Huawei was about to launch its new Nova 7 se smartphone. Today, a new Huawei machine, cnd-an00, has been granted access to the network. According to the access information from the Ministry of industry and information technology, it uses a 6.5-inch hole digging screen with a screen resolution of 2400 × 1080. < / P > < p > compared with the old nova7 se, the biggest difference of the new Huawei nova7 se is that the processor of the new Huawei nova7 se is changed from Kirin 820 chip to MediaTek Tianji 800u chip. In addition to the processor, the other specifications of the new Huawei nova7 se are basically the same as those of the old model, with 64 million main camera + 8 million ultra wide angle + 2 million + 2 million auxiliary camera, 4000 MAH battery, 8 GB memory and 16 million pixel front camera. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!