Gorgeous autumn is coming. To prepare for autumn photography, you need to master eight skills

If you photograph only one of the four seasons, it must be autumn. The gorgeous colors and cool weather inspired countless photographers to go out and shoot the beautiful autumn scenery. There are eight techniques you need to master to capture the beauty of autumn. < / P > < p > in shooting, there is always a debate about using raw or JPEG format. My suggestion is to shoot at the same time! Like most photographers, all of my images are post processed to a certain degree. However, I also used the camera’s various image modes to preprocess my photos in the early stage. The most prominent feature of autumn is color, so please switch to vivid picture mode and really make it really gorgeous! You can change the camera’s picture mode to & quot; bright & quot;. You can also adjust sharpness, color saturation and hue curves. The increased color saturation applies only to JPEG file formats. If you decide to work with raw images, you can use JPEG images as a reference. < / P > < p > another way to improve image color is to install a circular polarizer. When properly adjusted, the polarizer will increase the color saturation of the leaves and sky. It also reduces glare on the water surface and leaves, and if you go out after rain or take photos at the water’s edge, using a polarizer is a perfect choice. Remember that polarizers are most effective when your subject is at a 90 degree angle to the sun. < / P > < p > the weather in autumn is unpredictable. If you encounter bad weather, please don’t choose to stay at home, because this is also a good time to shoot. Just protect yourself and your equipment. In fact, bright sunlight can lighten the color and create unnecessary glare on the leaves. Remember, a strong wind will make the leaves fall and the ground will turn into colorful carpet. When it comes to wind, stormy weather can also be a good time to shoot. In the rain, the color will become pure and saturated, and the soft light is also very suitable for shooting perfect images. Therefore, if you encounter bad weather, please go out to shoot, you will get different autumn scenery. < / P > < p > when shooting outside, try to find some high points where you can enjoy the tree tops or roads. Shooting from above can really add depth and breadth to an already beautiful view. It’s easy to shoot colorful big scenes. Of course, if you find yourself in a position covered by color elements, keep the camera close to the ground and point it up to shoot. If your camera has a rotatable LCD, composition is easy. When shooting autumn scenery, remember to shoot only from the standing angle. Changing the angle of view will make the picture fresh and attract the attention of the audience. < / P > < p > many photographers like to shoot the grandeur of autumn, but don’t ignore the smaller details that may be at your feet. Macro lenses all have an incredible focus distance, allowing you to capture the tiny elements unique to autumn. Therefore, go out to shoot autumn scenery, if possible, please bring macro lens. < / P > < p > when you go out with family or friends in the autumn, you can take some portrait photos in front of the beautiful autumn background. In autumn, the sun is at a lower angle, which produces warmer light. You may need to increase the exposure compensation by one scale to ensure that the portrait face is exposed properly. Also, select a larger aperture to soften the background and isolate the body. Autumn background will be very gorgeous, please pay attention to the color difference with the clothing, so that the portrait stands out from the background. < / P > < p > China has a vast territory. In the long autumn, it will enter the best shooting period from north to south. If you just look at the local window, it may not be enough to determine the best time for the shooting place. Therefore, when you want to go out to shoot, please do your homework first. For example, look online to find out when the local autumn color reaches the best value. < p > < p > the cool air temperature will form fog on the water body, which will make the setting sun shine a magical picture, of course, the same is true of sunrise! Shorter days and more unstable weather create ideal conditions for impressive sunrise and sunset. Therefore, choose the golden time & quot; to shoot a shocking autumn view blockbuster. < p > < p > autumn is a great time to shoot. On a weekend, I drove along the road that I had never walked. The new scene has a strong attraction for photographers. Although shooting in the same place is also a good choice, the creativity of the works in the same place will be restricted, which is not as strong as the freshness of new scenic spots. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!