Grandpa, the Sony a7s3 is finally released

Extra! Extra! Sony is going to release a new product! On the evening of July 28, Sony finally officially released the a7s3 no reflection camera. Well, life series.

Yes! You’re right. It’s the a7s3 we’ve been waiting for! It’s no longer a rumor. It’s true at last! It’s so moving that I can’t help it.

Mr. technology remembers that the first time I saw rumors about Sony’s a7s3 was about two years ago. After that, rumors of a7s3 broke out from time to time.

seeing the next door’s new aircraft, the a7s3 had to go back to the furnace and rebuild. It’s hard to say if it’s a remanufacturing technology, but the a7s3 has really kept us waiting for 5 years!

well, the long-awaited flip screen is finally here. As for the parameters most concerned about, Sony has not given the detailed parameters of a7s3 at present.

but Sony also has some unkindness. A7s3 uses the non mainstream CF express type a memory card this time.

there is no such thing on the market at present, so I have released cfexpresstypea memory card. The price is as follows:

be reasonable, this price is really hard to buy… The price per unit capacity is even higher than that of an enterprise solid state disk drive. It’s a bit too much to sell a card reader for 1399 yuan.

although a7s3 supports SD card, the speed of SD card does not seem to meet the requirements of 4k120fps video recording, so if you want to give full play to the full performance of a7s3, you should pay honestly.

Author: zmhuaxia