Great prospects for online music

Online music platform is good at encouraging and stimulating users’ creativity. Its interactivity is naturally suitable for “users produce content”. Users are not only consumers, but also participants in promoting content production and dissemination


According to the 2020 China music industry development report, the scale of China’s digital music industry will reach 66.4 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 8.4%. The number of digital music users will exceed 607 million, and the penetration rate of online music users will reach 71.1%. It can be said that thanks to the development of network technology and the popularity of mobile intelligent terminals, online music platform has become the main way of mass consumption of music, and has broad prospects for development.

Compared with the traditional way of transmission with records as the media, online music spreads through the Internet, breaking the time and space constraints, and has the characteristics of easy transmission, easy storage and high sound quality. More importantly, online music has unique advantages in updating, enriching product content, improving and improving user services, and can be updated iteratively according to people’s growing spiritual and cultural needs.

In addition to using technology to enable music communication, providing users with high-quality music content has always been the foundation of online music platform. In order to meet the diversified and personalized needs of users for music works, the online music platform has gradually established a huge music library by obtaining authorization from the copyright owner; thanks to the convenience of storage and circulation of the online music platform, minority music works have gradually been fully incubated. By supporting original musicians and optimizing recommendation functions, online music platforms have developed “long tail market”. While using channel advantages to boost musicians’ original works, they can also obtain the authorization of the works for free, so as to achieve the goal of layout of minority music and enrich their own music library. In addition, the development of artificial intelligence technology continues to improve the “recommendation” function of the platform. Based on the artificial intelligence algorithm, the platform can accurately recommend music works that meet users’ preferences through the analysis of different users’ listening records, collection records and other data, so as to better meet people’s needs for music and enhance users’ stickiness.

Online music platforms are good at encouraging and stimulating users’ creativity. Online music platform is interactive and naturally suitable for “users producing content”. Users are not only consumers, but also participants in promoting content production and dissemination. The “Music Review” of online music is the concrete embodiment. Almost every music work on the online music platform has a comment area, where users can evaluate the work and share their feelings. This function not only meets the social needs of users to a certain extent, but also is a powerful medium for self promotion of the platform. For example, a music platform once launched an offline marketing activity “music review train”, which takes the music reviews released by users as the core content: online music reviews with high praise spread all over the subway car, attracting people’s attention, spreading high-quality music works, and mining potential users for online music.

“Song list” is another “product” produced by users of online music platform, which arouses people’s enthusiasm for participation. Users can create and publish song lists according to their preferences and needs. Once the song list is published, it can be listened to, collected, commented and shared by other users. The creation of song list not only provides a stage for the majority of users to show their music aesthetics, but also continuously delivers high-quality music consumption content for the platform. For example, a Chinese pop music list created by a user once produced more than 100 million plays, which shows the vitality of the content produced by online music users.

In addition, online music platforms continue to enrich music consumption scenarios. Nowadays, in addition to online broadcast and download services, music centered live broadcast, online karaoke and other forms of music consumption are gradually becoming large-scale. When users listen to a work online, the live broadcast and online karaoke options of the work often appear on the page. This means that when users enjoy online music, it is no longer limited to the auditory level, but can directly watch the video content or even perform it in person. Among them, cloud music performance allows the majority of users to watch the performance of favorite singers or bands at home. For example, a music platform launched a panoramic online performance to provide users with an immersive experience of “being on the scene”, make up for the lack of people’s inability to watch offline performances, and obtain high viewing volume and good user feedback.

Music industry is an important part of cultural industry. The development of Internet technology provides unprecedented convenience for music communication and music consumption. In the future, as an important way for people to consume music, online music platform will create a more colorful music life for people by further enriching music library, developing more music services and music consumption scenes on the basis of complying with industry norms and protecting music copyright.

People’s daily (February 4, 2021, 20th edition)

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)