Great Wall lubricating oil: Escort heaven to shine the world

On July 23, at Wenchang space launch site in Hainan, the long March-5 remote-4 carrier rocket launched China’s first Mars exploration mission, tianwen-1, into space. After more than 2000 seconds of flight, the probe has successfully entered the scheduled orbit, and China has officially taken the first step in its own planetary exploration. “888” and “888” are the key partners of China’s “Great Wall Lubrication” mission, which is of great significance for China’s “Great Wall Lubrication” mission.

the difficulty of Mars exploration first comes from distance. The moon is 380000 kilometers away from the earth, but Mars is about 56 million kilometers away from the earth, 150 times the distance between the earth and the moon. Such a long distance, coupled with the 5-ton weight of the “tianwen-1” three-piece set of counterweight, put forward higher requirements for the thrust of the rocket engine. Only when the thrust is strong enough can the probe be put into an orbit that can get rid of the gravity of the earth. In this respect, there have been 11 failures in the world, which can be seen from the difficulty.

the Long March 5 remote 4 launch vehicle, which is responsible for this launch mission, has a total length of nearly 57 meters, a takeoff weight of about 870 tons and a takeoff thrust of more than 1000 tons. It is currently the largest rocket in China.

according to Zhao Heng, technical director of aerospace lubricants of Sinopec lubricants Co., Ltd., “the Long March 5 rocket has also made great technological innovations. What is most relevant to lubricating oil is that the fuel used in the Long March 5 engine has changed to more environmentally friendly fuels such as liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and kerosene. “.

in order to fully adapt to the “fat five” new fuel and ensure that the key moving parts in the engine are fully lubricated during operation, Great Wall researchers and rocket related subsystem developers have conducted a large number of confirmatory tests. The results show that the rocket engine lubricating oil developed by Great Wall lubricating oil has good thermochemical stability, excellent viscosity temperature property, oxidation resistance and chemical medium resistance, and can still play a stable lubricating role in the extreme environment of liquid fuel, ensuring the smooth matching and assembly of “fat five” lubricating grease.

as one of the few enterprises in the world that master Aerospace lubrication technology, Great Wall lubricating oil has independently developed more than 50 kinds of aerospace lubrication products in 7 categories, which fully meet the lubrication requirements of China Aerospace. In 2018, the Great Wall lubricating oil escorted chang’e-4, which witnessed the first landing on the back of the moon. In 2020, Great Wall lubricating oil will accompany the “tianwen-1” Mars probe to launch again, and continue to assist China’s aerospace industry to complete this epic challenge spanning hundreds of millions of kilometers with high-end lubrication technology.

the mysterious back of the moon, hundreds of millions of kilometers of Mars exploration, space technology seems to be very far away from us, but in fact, it is changing our lives all the time. From the “mousse” shaped by eruption to the necessary “Sunglasses” in summer, there are all the epitomes of Aerospace Science and technology. According to NASA’s statistics, every $1 invested in space will bring us $7 to $12 in return. Therefore, aerospace technology is also known as “technological gold mine”. In the civil application of Aerospace Science and technology, Great Wall lubricating oil has always been in the forefront of the industry, practicing the concept of “Aerospace Science and technology to create a better life”.

for example, in the field of vehicle lubricating oil, Great Wall lubricating oil has successfully applied the rocket engine lubrication technology to the automobile engine, and the “ultra-high viscosity temperature performance lubrication technology” of Great Wall Aerospace lubricating oil can make the vehicle start normally in the environment of – 40 ℃ and 50 ℃ high temperature, and play a stable lubricating performance. At present, Great Wall automotive lubricating oil products have entered the global purchasing catalogue of general motors, Toyota, Ford and other automobile enterprises, and have passed the technical certification of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and other global automobile enterprises, and become an important lubricant supplier in the global automobile industry chain.

it is understood that the synthetic lubricating oil technology mastered by Great Wall lubricating oil research and development of aerospace oil has been widely used in high-speed railway, metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, precision instruments, oxygen preparation and other industries. It solves the lubrication problems in many industries under the conditions of high and low temperature, heavy load, high vacuum and special lubricating medium.

in the eyes of the outside world, China’s space industry’s take-off speed seems to be a world-shaking mystery. From the “dongfanghong-1” satellite to the “Shenzhou” series spacecraft, from the “Chang’e” lunar exploration project to the “tianwen-1” Mars exploration mission, China’s aerospace industry has completed a series of major breakthroughs, such as heavy rocket, manned spaceflight, lunar exploration and deep space exploration City lubricants have been on this road for 60 years, accompanying the aerospace industry steadily.

back in time, a piece of thick wood and a white iron arrow make a rocket model; a cat’s beard can also be used as an assembly tool for infrared horizon detector China’s difficult start in space industry is unique in the history of space industry in the world. As a witness of this period of history, the birth of Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil also rose in crisis and began at the end of the day.

in 1962, the international situation changed, and China’s aerospace and nuclear industries swayed in the wind and rain. The raw material factories are facing the crisis of shutdown due to the cut off of fluorine oil supply. At that time, the Institute of atomic energy of the Academy of Sciences listed “fluorooil” as one of the three most urgent key technical issues. The state has assigned a task to set up 621 factory, which requires that “fluorine oil must be worked out”. Under the hard conditions of poverty and poverty, the older generation of city dwellers braved the risks of corrosion and explosion in the experiment, and developed the first generation of “fluorocarbon oil” – perfluorocarbon oil, which solved the urgent need for the development of China’s aerospace industry and nuclear industry.

entering the 21st century, China’s aerospace industry has stepped into a fast track of development, which puts forward higher requirements for “fluorooil”. From the original “perfluorocarbon oil” and “fluorochlorocarbon oil”, to the higher-level “perfluoropolyether oil” and “straight chain perfluoropolyether oil”, the aerospace lubrication technology of Great Wall lubricating oil has been continuously upgraded with the development of China’s aerospace industry. According to Xin Hu, director of the Great Wall lubricating oil space lubrication technology development center, the current Great Wall lubricating oil space lubrication technology reserve can at least meet the development needs of China’s aerospace industry in the next ten years, and has the production of lubricating products that will not be replaced, volatile and non-toxic for the future space station, and will fully meet the lubrication requirements of China’s construction of the international space station in the future Demand.

from “dongfanghong-1” to “tianwen-1”, China Aerospace declared to the world that our journey is a more distant sea of stars. With China’s aerospace industry for nearly 70 years, the coordinates of Great Wall lubricating oil is China, and its goal is a broader world. Adhering to Aerospace Science and technology and aerospace quality, Great Wall lubricating oil is the first Chinese lubricant enterprise to implement the international development strategy. As early as 2003, Great Wall lubricants started its international business layout. At present, Great Wall lubricants has set up representative offices in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries and regions, and its products and services have covered more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

the “tianwen-1” Mars probe is named after Qu Yuan’s long poem Tianwen, in which the thirst for knowledge of “the sun and the moon are safe, and the stars are safe and Chen” is corresponding to China’s firm belief in “going out” the earth and exploring the world of distant planets more than 2000 years later. From the earth to Mars, from space to civilian use, from backwardness to catching up, China’s pace of space development will not stop, and great wall lubricant’s determination to “coordinate China and target the world” will not waver. Inheriting the aerospace spirit of China aerospace, Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil will always create Aerospace lubrication products with ingenuity, consolidate enterprise foundation with “Aerospace Science and technology”, and contribute to the development of China’s aerospace industry and the takeoff of the motherland.

Author: zmhuaxia