Gree and Midea still lost! The market accounts for 40%, and another domestic giant has grown up

Air conditioning is the most important home product in this season. In hot summer, the temperature in some areas may reach more than 30 degrees. If there is no air conditioning, it will be difficult no matter where it is. In addition, dry and hot air will make it more difficult to do something and affect the mood. If you don’t say it, there is no motivation to do things. In the air conditioning market, Gree and Midea are the best ones. They are old manufacturers and have been competing in recent years. However, the strength of the two in the air conditioning field is quite close. No one can do anything but do business with each other, and then slowly compete. However, the market is changing all the time. When you are still in the rut, others have already started to make innovative products. Hisense is such a manufacturer. < / P > < p > is still a domestic manufacturer. It has products in many household product fields, and it has done very well. Hisense has started to do fresh air air conditioning several years ago, but at that time, the fresh air conditioning was not popular, so it did not detonate the market. So Hisense continued to innovate and finally ushered in the best time. Recently, Hisense has launched X series of fresh air air air conditioning products, which have been unanimously recognized by the market. According to the data, the market share of Hisense fresh air air conditioner was close to 35% in the 28th and 29th weeks just past. In overseas markets, Hisense air conditioner also grew significantly in the first half of the year, such as the year-on-year growth of 631% in Japan, 74% in South Africa and 62% in Mexico. This is already a good achievement, which has also caused great pressure on Gree and Midea. < / P > < p > through this set of data, we find that Hisense, which has been keeping a low profile in the market, has been in a leading position in the fresh air air air conditioning market. Compared with Hisense, Gree and Midea have also lost, and it is difficult to pose a threat to Hisense in a short time. < / P > < p > the advantage of Hisense fresh air conditioner is that it retains the temperature control function of traditional air conditioner, and adds more intelligent and humanized functions. It makes products from the perspective of users and obtains the support of users. < / P > < p > for example, with its 0-100 wind speed controller, users can choose their own wind speed, and they can certainly find the most suitable one. Its intelligent AI control system can adjust the indoor air humidity according to the indoor humidity, so as to meet the various needs of users for indoor humidity. In addition, Hisense fresh air conditioner also has sterilization In today’s environment, this function is very practical. < / P > < p > a domestic brand with high-performance products is about to rise. Facing the two old air-conditioning manufacturers of Gree and Midea, Hisense is not weak at all. With its strong innovation ability, Hisense accounts for nearly 40% of the fresh air conditioning market. If this trend is followed, Gree and Midea will hardly be able to curb the growth of Hisense. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia