Green packaging is so good, why can’t I meet it when I receive express delivery?

We have long been familiar with the process of dismantling express delivery by removing the adhesive tape, opening the carton, tearing off the wrapping paper and plastic film and throwing them away. But where is the package that was removed? How will a large number of disposable plastics and paper enter the environment? < / P > < p > China is the largest express delivery country in the world, and the National Express business volume will exceed 63 billion pieces in 2019. It is estimated that more than 9 million tons of plastic tape and paper waste will be produced every year in China. < p > < p > to strengthen the standardization of express green packaging and properly deal with the pollution problem of express packaging has become the internal requirement of industry transformation and upgrading and sustainable development. Recently, the State Administration of market supervision and administration disclosed that in the next three years, China will accelerate the standardization of express green packaging, accelerate the transformation of new materials, technologies and products related to express packaging into standards, and constantly improve the governance system of green packaging for express delivery that is coordinated with standards and laws and policies. < / P > < p > there are three requirements for the management of express packaging: green, reduced and recyclable. In June this year, the state post office printed and issued a series of specific requirements for green packaging: adhering to the working objectives of standardization, reduction and recycling, strengthening the cooperation with upstream and downstream, paying attention to saving resources, eliminating excessive packaging, and avoiding waste and environmental pollution. In principle, the air voidage of mail express packaging should not exceed 20%, and the delivery enterprises should fully promote the green packaging Electronic waybill, especially one-piece electronic waybill, is widely used; the length of adhesive tape used in packing box with “one” type packaging mode shall not exceed 1.5 times of the maximum comprehensive internal size; the number of recyclable container bags shall not be less than 50 times; the delivery enterprises shall actively promote the application of hanging tight packaging to reduce the use of fillers; in the principle of environmental protection and saving, the packaging shall be reasonably determined Materials and packaging methods to ensure safe delivery, avoid over packaging, etc. Chen Hongjun, deputy director of the standards and Technology Management Department of the State Administration of market supervision and administration, said that at present, major express enterprises, express packaging manufacturers and e-commerce platforms are actively carrying out innovation and exploration of express green packaging, such as Jingdong’s “Qingliu plan” and Shunfeng’s “fengbox”, etc., and new materials, new products and new models of express packaging emerge in endlessly 。 < / P > < p > according to Duan Yanjian, the person in charge of Qingliu plan of Jingdong Logistics, Qingliu plan is a joint action for green supply chain launched by Jingdong Logistics, P & G and Nestle on June 15, 2017, which mainly includes four aspects: green packaging, green transportation, green storage and green recycling. Take the circulation express box “Qingliu box” as an example. The green flow box is made of reusable materials. Under normal circumstances, the box can be recycled for more than 20 times, and can be “remanufactured” after damage. It does not need to be sealed with adhesive tape. It can not produce any disposable packaging waste at the same time of recycling. At present, it has been used more than 12 million times. < p > < p > “thinner and greener” has become the common goal of enterprises in related industries. According to Ling Yunfei, vice president of Suning Logistics Research Institute, since 2014, Suning logistics officially launched the exploration of green packaging, and carried out a series of measures from packaging recycling, electronic face sheet, one sheet, slimming tape, 3D packing to shared express box, etc. Up to now, Suning logistics and Tiantian express have a nationwide coverage rate of nearly 100%; green and reduced packaging such as tape width reduction and filler reduction has achieved 100% coverage; as an innovative benchmark product of Suning logistics green recycling packaging, the shared express box has exceeded 400000 units nationwide, with more than 100 million times put into use in a year, and the saved tape can go around the world by 3.74 Circle. < / P > < p > it is undeniable that although all e-commerce platforms and express companies are actively promoting green express packaging, green express boxes, recyclable packaging and packaging recycling boxes are still hard to find in daily life. < / P > < p > “at present, there are two main ways to sign for the shared express box popularized by Suning logistics nationwide. One is the face-to-face signature of the courier and the consumer, and the used shared express box will be taken back to the site by the courier for recycling; the other is that after the user agrees, the courier will put the shared express box in Suning pick-up point and other places, and after the user takes the express, it will be temporarily stored by the pick-up point staff Keep and share the express box, and then the courier will recycle it Ling Yunfei said frankly that there are inevitable promotion problems in both ways, such as increasing the second delivery task of couriers when users can’t sign face-to-face; the density of offline recycling points is low, and the turnover rate needs to be further improved; the categories of goods packaged with shared express boxes are limited, and private goods can’t be used temporarily; the size adaptation of shared express boxes and so on. During the epidemic period, the implementation of “contactless distribution service” further increased the difficulty of distribution and recycling of shared express boxes. Duan Yanjian also believes that although the green process of logistics and express delivery industry has achieved certain results after so many years of development, it still faces several problems and difficulties. “The existing packaging standards of express delivery industry are recommended standards, and the implementation effect is not good. This makes the green and standardized development of enterprises just a kind of” good consciousness and high quality “. Low standard materials are flooding the market, and the cost of environmental protection materials is high. Enterprises adopting green packaging compete with enterprises still in extensive packaging in the same market environment, and environmental protection costs in all aspects increase It will lead to low efficiency of enterprises, which is unfair to green development enterprises. ” He said, “violent loading and unloading, sorting and other phenomena exist in the transportation process of goods, which makes e-commerce and logistics enterprises have to choose high gram weight cartons and use layers of tape winding to reduce the damage of logistics environment to goods. The social recycling system is not perfect, and enterprises fight alone, resulting in high cost of recycling logistics. ” In addition, the improvement of public awareness of green packaging is obvious to all, but there is a certain gap between action and awareness. “Take Qingliu box as an example, putting Qingliu box needs terminal recycling, and users can’t understand the recycling. They think that now most express delivery companies have packages, so how can they recycle them? Therefore, they will give bad comments, which will affect the enthusiasm of operating enterprises.” Duan Yanjian said. < / P > < p > a small express package affects government agencies, express enterprises, e-commerce platforms, consumers and other subjects, links up and down the chain of material research and development, design, production, use and recycling management, and is also closely related to everyone’s living environment. < / P > < p > this puts forward higher requirements for the popularization and collaborative governance of express green packaging. Chen Hongjun said that it is necessary to strengthen the overall coordination of the whole process of the standard, cooperate with relevant departments to evaluate the implementation effect of green packaging standards for express delivery, and constantly improve the standard implementation supervision mechanism of mutual convergence, coordination and efficiency. “As far as we know, the Ministry of ecology and environment has included the application of green packaging standards for express delivery into the pilot evaluation of” waste free cities “, so as to make the express green packaging standards It has become an important indicator for the construction of a “waste free city.” < / P > < p > “from the perspective of socialization, it is far from feasible to rely on one or two enterprises for recycling. It is necessary to establish a socialized recovery mechanism, centralize and scale recycling, so as to improve efficiency, reduce costs and form a virtuous cycle.” Duan Yanjian said that specifically, first, the government or a third-party platform should take the lead to establish a more perfect social recycling system, so as to realize the combination of community recycling and recycling enterprises, e-commerce logistics enterprises, and form a complete recycling packaging recycling system; second, we can consider the implementation of recycling packaging deposit system, encourage consumers to take the initiative to participate, and automatically return the deposit after recycling, so as to improve the quality of products Circulation packaging turnover rate, reduce enterprise operating costs. < p > < p > Ling Yunfei proposed that through the United Express industry, the recycling of offline self lifting points can be opened up, which can further improve the recycling turnover rate of express recycling boxes and recyclable packaging while facilitating the use of users. More importantly, green environmental protection is not only a matter for the government and enterprises, but also for the whole society, which is related to every citizen. In this regard, Duan Yanjian suggested: “strengthen publicity, enhance the people’s awareness of environmental protection and garbage classification common sense, make the use of green packaging become a social consensus, and promote the green environmental protection construction of express industry.” Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”