Gu Jia, who is only thirty years old, tells you: what is it that a person who is better than you works harder than you

The recent TV series of fire is no exception. Three women, Gu Jia, Zhong Xiaoqin and Wang Mani, have interpreted three kinds of life, which are very much like you and me in life. Among them, Gu Jia may have become the “ideal self” of most people.

Gu Jia not only subverts the image of a housewife, but also has a confident and confident look. She learns Thai boxing, flower arrangement, baking, yoga and tea art, and gives full play to every skill in the subsequent plot. It may be very difficult for an ordinary housewife to have so many skills, but Gu Jia did. Netizens sorted out Gu Jia’s week. From this picture, we can see that Gu Jia’s excellence today is closely related to her self-discipline.

in the final analysis, it is the embodiment of self-discipline whether it is to insist on getting up early and running, or to insist on reading and a hobby. A self-discipline person, no matter when and where, can maintain a good figure and good body shape, can not only be powerful in the workplace, but also can make life prosperous.

I have a colleague. When I joined the company a few years ago, she was a fat and lovely girl. I don’t know if it’s because of her figure. She always speaks in a soft voice. When she reports to her work, she always needs to be reminded to speak louder. After a period of employment, I find that her whole person has changed, not just her figure, but in the whole working process Her lack of confidence is gone, and she is becoming more and more cheerful.

when Xiaobian asked her, she told me that she would go to the gym after work every day. No matter what the weather was, she had never been absent for a day. She not only affected her colleagues to go to the gym together, but also made me admire her. It was not her constant fitness, but also a small matter. When a group of colleagues worked out together, everyone wanted to have a good meal. She always did Say, you eat, I’ll watch you and chat with you. Ordinary people can’t resist the temptation of delicious food, but she can’t eat a bite. That’s why I think this little girl is self disciplined.

I believe everyone has set goals for themselves, for example, how much is the annual deposit? How many pounds a year to lose weight? How many words do you recite a year Then a lot of people will hit themselves in the face, the reason is nothing more than that this period of time is too busy, something is entangled in this period of time, this period of time is not in a good mood, this period of time is not in good health……

a self-discipline person knows what he wants, what he should do and what he should not do. For such a person in the enterprise, he does not need too many management skills To complete the tasks assigned by the leaders, however, most of our lives are not self disciplined and need to be managed.

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Chen Fei, the chief producer, said in an exclusive interview that the three women reflected the three aspects of a 30-year-old woman, representing “the unwilling self”, “the ideal self” and “the real self”. Obviously, Gu Jia has become most of his “ideal” self. Although we envy Gu Jia, we are indulgent in our own requirements.

thirty is the age at which life begins to rise. At this age, you must not be a person who needs constant instructions from others to complete mechanically. Instead, you should learn to become self-discipline and do a good job in self-management. As mentioned in the classic line of the TV series, at 30, you don’t have the carefree and unrestrained attitude of 20 years old, and you don’t have 40 years old, 30、 Want a better life. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

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